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The star of “M jak mi¶æ” went to “The Voice” and was eliminated immediately.  Jury: You had to sing nicely

The star of “M jak mi¶æ” went to “The Voice” and was eliminated immediately. Jury: You had to sing nicely

It was one of the loudest performances of famous people in “The Voice of Poland”. The actress “M jak mi¶öæ” appeared in the sixth edition of the well-known talent show. After her performance, no chairs were turned around.

There is no shortage of talent shows on Polish television. The “” stands out from them. The rules of the program assume that each participant has an equal chance to impress the jurors, who will only evaluate his or her voice. What matters here is appearance, age, gender, outfit or, often false, first impression. During Blind Auditions, coaches sit with their backs to the artists, who can only focus on the best performance of the song.

The star of “M jak miłość” went to “The Voice”. She was eliminated immediately

More than once in the history of the program, the jurors regretted not turning their chairs around when it turned out that the microphone was held by a nice vocalist with great stage sense. Recognition does not help in moving to the next stages, as both the program participant and the viewers found out in the sixth edition of the competition.

Then the star of “M jak miłość” appeared at the Blind Auditions. However, it was not the first time that the actress tried her hand at singing. In 2009, the singer won the “Jak oni sang” program and even performed at the Sopot TOPtrendy festival with Irena Jarocka. In 2015, she tried her hand at the Polish “The Voice”.

Laura Samojłowicz sang “Stairway to Heaven” in “The Voice of Poland”

Laura Samojłowicz, because we are talking about her, appeared on stage with one of the most famous rock ballads in history. She sang “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. At that time, the coaches in the program were Edyta Górniak, Maria Sadowska, Tomson and Baron, but none of them turned around and the famous actress said goodbye to the program.

Viewers of “The Voice of Poland” were very surprised by the jury’s decision. However, after the performance, none of the jurors regretted their decision. Edyta Górniak noted that what she liked most about the performance was playing the piano. In turn, the artists from Afromental commented on the performance: “It must have been sung nicely!”

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