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Minors can use Yape if they meet these requirements: learn how to create an account for your child

Minors can use Yape if they meet these requirements: learn how to create an account for your child

In this way, your youngest children will be able to be part of the Yapera community throughout Peru. It should be noted that they must be taught proper care in order not to expose them to dangerous situations.

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Yape It is one of the most used and famous digital wallets in all of Peru. Its practicality and security mean that various users download it and can use it as a quick and easy means of sending or receiving money. Given this, this mobile payment application has the option for minors under 17 years of age to also use it. In this note you will know what requirements you need to open an account for your minor child.

Yape for minors: how to create an account for my son or daughter?

If you are a parent and want to open a Yape account for your minor child or children, you can do so using your data, in this way the information of the minor who will use Yape is being protected.

It should be noted that the new account must be created from another cell phone. However, the minor who will use this economic tool must be informed of the dangers that exist on a daily basis (scams), which is why it is recommended to constantly monitor the actions when using this digital wallet.

Follow these steps so that your best son or daughter can be part of the yapero world.

  • Yape account with DNI, without card: Install the Yape app and start creating an account with your DNI, follow the steps and that’s it. Don’t forget to write down the password.
  • Joint account with your children: Download Yape (on a new device) and create the account with your data or that of the owner.
  • Additional BCP account: This option is valid if you have a BCP account, enter the Yape application and follow the steps. You must enter the details of the bank account holder.

Yape: if I delete the application can I lose my money?

If you want to delete the application or it was uninstalled from your cell phone by mistake, Yape specified that this action does not harm or alter the amount of your money within this digital wallet.

If you forgot your password or don’t remember it, follow this guide:

  • Open the application and press the ‘forgot your password?’ option.
  • Enter the cell phone number you associated with your account and then you will receive a code via text message.
  • Confirm the code received and then you will be given the option to enter a new password.
  • Please note that it is preferable to change the password.

With what other financial entities can you have Yape?

Various users of other banks or savings banks can also have a Yape account. For this, there is a list of banking entities with which the digital wallet collaborates.

  • BCP
  • My bank
  • Huancayo Box
  • Ica Box
  • Piura Box
  • Sullana Box
  • Tacna Box
  • Trujillo Box

Within the application, you can now receive remittances from various countries and make payments for different services (telephony, electricity, water and gas). In addition, it has a promotions section, in which you will get discounts at different fast food restaurants by paying with the Yape app.

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