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Only three ingredients.  I mix it and rub it into the rubber on my shoes.  The white is blinding to the eyes

Only three ingredients. I mix it and rub it into the rubber on my shoes. The white is blinding to the eyes

How to clean the white rubber in your shoes to make them sparkle clean again? Forget about expensive store solutions. Proven, home-made and inexpensive methods will help you. The footwear will look like new.

Sneakers are shoes that can be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. They are comfortable, always fashionable and match most styles. Unfortunately, despite many advantages, they also have their disadvantages, the main one being the white rubber around the sole, which quickly gets dirty and yellow. How to clean it without persistent scrubbing?

How to clean white rubber in sneakers? Make an effective paste

White rubber in sneakers, and sometimes also other sports footwear, is a characteristic sign of this type of shoes. Although it looks stylish, it gets dirty very quickly. In fact, a short walk is enough for the first unsightly traces to appear. Moreover, lack of regular cleaning will soon turn it yellow and look simply ugly. So how to take care of this element so that the shoes always look like they were taken out of the box? Mix the powder in a bowl (no bleach in the composition) for washing and in a 1:1 ratio, then add a small amount of water to create a thick paste and apply it to the dirt with a sponge. Rub gently, leave for 2-3 minutes and wipe off with a wet cloth. There will be no trace of dirt.

How to whiten the rubber in shoes? How to whiten the rubber in shoes? Photo Private archive

How to whiten the rubber in shoes? Take it from the bathroom

You can also clean dirty shoe rubber with bathroom products. Squeeze some onto your new toothbrush and rub it into the dirty areas. Be careful not to get the product on the material. Scrub for a while, then rinse with a damp cloth. All dirt will disappear.

How to whiten yellow rubber in shoes? Mix and apply

Other products will also help you. If the rubber is not only dirty, but also has turned yellow, use vinegar and lemon. Mix them in a 1:1 ratio, then dip a sponge in the mixture and wipe the stains on the rubber parts. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse or wipe with a damp cloth. The whitening effect of lemon and vinegar will make your shoes look like new. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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