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This is the worst kind of coffee.  Don’t drink if you don’t want to harm your health

This is the worst kind of coffee. Don’t drink if you don’t want to harm your health

Many of us cannot imagine starting the day any other way than with a cup of aromatic coffee. Some people drink it due to its stimulating properties, while others appreciate its taste. And even though coffee is usually good for our health, it is worth paying attention to its type. We tell you what drinks we should especially watch out for.

Drinking coffee has many benefits. In recent years, it has been proven, among other things, that consuming a certain dose reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and gallstones. The beneficial effect of coffee has also been noticed in the prevention of diseases such as depression, liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer. It is worth noting that the best option is to choose a classic, small black tea brewed from freshly ground, good quality beans.

This is the worst kind of coffee. Better avoid

However, to protect the body, the type of coffee we choose is crucial. The worst option is three-in-one sachets. In addition to coffee, such small bags usually also contain powdered milk, palm fat, and glucose-fructose syrup. These are ingredients that, when consumed regularly, may contribute to increased cholesterol levels, fatty liver disease, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

This is the worst kind of coffee. Don’t drink if you don’t want to harm your health Photo Bartosz Bańka / Agencja

Many people believe that instant coffee is equally bad. However, it is worth remembering that currently this is not always true. If coffee is produced according to specific standards, it is as healthy as its grain version. Importantly, the applicable legal regulations state that a product called instant coffee cannot contain anything other than processed beans. If you have any doubts when shopping, pay attention to the information on the packaging. Sometimes the word “drink” appears on jars or boxes. Then it is better to refrain from purchasing such a product.

The best coffee for weight loss

If we want the coffee we drink to be the best for our body, it is worth giving up caloric additives. It’s not only sugar, but also fat milk, syrups and whipped cream. Interestingly, if we avoid such flavor enhancers, coffee can support the weight loss process. According to research by Harvard scientists, this drink can lower your blood sugar levels body fat content by approximately 4 percent. IN Depending on your body weight, they suggest drinking two to five cups of coffee a day (from 200 to 400 mg) in order to lose excess weight.

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