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She went crazy with her styling for her son’s first communion.  The Internet is speechless.  “I got a little carried away”

She went crazy with her styling for her son’s first communion. The Internet is speechless. “I got a little carried away”

Krzysztof Rutkowski was not the only one who boasted about photos from his son’s First Communion online. Photographs commemorating this special time were also published by actress Ada Fija³. However, in this case we cannot talk about splendor. The actress delighted fans with her original styling and the atmosphere of the photos. “Beautiful! Kisses for the family!” – you could read under her post on Instagram.

For some families, the first Holy Communion is a special time in a child’s life, but not only that. A family party is often organized on this occasion, during which the child receives presents and various gifts symbolically related to this holiday. It is worth immortalizing the time spent with your loved ones in photos. This is what Ada Fijał did. The actress, known for her perfect dressing style, published several photos from her son Antoni’s First Communion.

No wonder her communion styling attracted the most attention. The star definitely focused on originality, which is not surprising in her case. Ada Fijał is a fashion enthusiast and for every occasion she can surprise with a non-obvious, but at the same time breathtaking styling that perfectly fits current fashion trends. This time, the actress chose white, referring to the nature of the holiday.

Ada Fijał impressed with her son’s First Communion styling. She asked fans for their opinion

In the photos we see her in an impressive white oversize suit. The actress attached a large white rose to her jacket. The whole styling was complemented by a delicate, blue striped shirt and white sports shoes. Although these types of shoes are rarely chosen for occasions such as communion, it cannot be denied that they added a proverbial “claw” and uniqueness to the styling. Ada Fijał also wore Gucci sunglasses. As noted by the WP Woman portal, they cost over PLN 2,000.

I thought a bit about the style appropriate for the occasion, but I think it turned out ok? Let me know

– wrote Ada Fijał. The actress anticipated the questions by announcing that her son wanted to receive Holy Communion himself.

Ada Fijał showed photos from her son’s First Communion. “For me it’s the bomb!”

An ocean of admiration poured out in the comments under her post. It is clear that Internet users appreciate the star’s original and chic styling on a daily basis. “But you always look appropriate for the occasion. So I don’t understand the question. For me, it’s a bomb this time too!” – wrote one of the actress’ fans. “It turned out great”, “How beautiful!” – you can read in the other entries.

What a great white party

Great style

But you look nice together, I envy you

After all, you always look appropriate and beautiful

– added other commenters.

Ada Fijał’s styling for her son’s First Communion Photo

It is worth adding that the actress rarely reveals anything about her private life and we are unlikely to find any photos of her husband or son there. Antoni is the son of the actress and Piotr Walczyszyn. Ada Fijał married him in 2006. The engagement took place after just three months of dating. They decided to get married spontaneously and got married in Cyprus, without telling anyone about their plans.

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