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She showed how to dress on vacation in Egypt.  Commented by an Egyptian woman.  “Please cover your shoulders”

She showed how to dress on vacation in Egypt. Commented by an Egyptian woman. “Please cover your shoulders”

How to dress on vacation in Egypt? Anyone who is going to a Muslim country should remember that there are specific dress codes. One TikTok user recorded a guide with styling suggestions. The Egyptian woman referred to them.

Every year, thousands of Poles decide to vacation in Egypt. We conducted a survey among our readers and as many as 1,158 people declared that this is where they would spend their holiday this year. This place attracts tourists with the guarantee of good weather, breathtaking views and rich culture. One of the TikTok users recorded a guide on how to dress while on vacation in Egypt to respect the local culture. An Egyptian commented on her video and gave advice to the tourists.

She showed how to dress on vacation in Egypt

Stephanie comes from New York and works as a stylist. On her TikTok profile, she published styling suggestions for women who are going on holiday to Egypt this year. – If you are going to big cities like Cairo, I suggest dressing more conservatively. You can dress less conservatively on the beaches, but I suggest having a few options up your sleeve, she began.

For visiting the pyramids in Giza, Stephanie suggested long cream pants, a white top and a linen shirt over it. The stylist completed her outfit with a hat to provide protection from the sun and sunglasses. For lunch or dinner, she suggested long brown pants, a light top and a chic jacket or a black ankle-length dress – also with a jacket. For the beach, she suggested long pants and a top with bare shoulders. For dinner at the hotel, an ankle-length skirt and a white T-shirt. For dinner at the hotel, a low-neck top, jeans and a shrug. Another option is an off-the-shoulder top with a sweater over it and white pants. Her outfit also included a white dress with a high neckline and a styling with short shorts.

Egyptian woman: Cover your shoulders

Although most of her outfits covered the body, there were also more bold options. The Egyptian referred to them in a comment under the video. “I am asking you to cover your shoulders and knees when you are in Egypt and walking on the streets. This is for your safety,” she said. Someone asked if she had to cover up even if she was traveling with a partner. “Yes, even in such a situation. You should respect the people living there who are Muslims,” ​​we read.

Source: Gazeta

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