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Marek Ko³aczkowski is dead.  He played in “Pani Kleks’ Academy”, he was a voice in “Moomins”

Marek Ko³aczkowski is dead. He played in “Pani Kleks’ Academy”, he was a voice in “Moomins”

The Association of Polish Stage Artists announced that Marek Ko³aczkowski is dead. First, he wanted to connect his professional life with physics, but then he decided to change his university to work as an actor. He played mainly in the theater.

“We regret to inform you that Marek Kołaczkowski passed away today – a graduate of the National Film School in Łódź, which he completed by playing the role of Feliks in the play ‘Jadzia the Widow’ by Julian Tuwim, directed by Natalia Szydłowska, a long-time member of ZASP,” wrote members of the Association of Polish Stage Artists on Facebook, saying goodbye actor.

Marek Kołaczkowski is dead. He spent over 50 years on stage

Marek Kołaczkowski was born on March 25, 1941 in Milanówek. After two years, he decided to change the university (he had previously studied at the University of Warsaw) and in 1964 he graduated from the acting department of the Łódź film school. He was an actor of the Theater. Wojciech Bogusławski in Kalisz, Masovian Land in Warsaw, named after Stefan Jaracz in Łódź, Teatr 7.15 and Mały in Manufaktura, which he co-founded. “Thank you for all the moments we spent together. Countless conversations. Your smile and great joy of life. Goodbye, Marek, my friend…” wrote the co-workers.

There – as his colleagues from ZASP recall – he celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his artistic work in 2014, playing the character of the Hermit in “Balladyna” directed by Mariusz Pilawski. “He was then awarded the honorary badge ‘Merited to Polish culture’ by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage,” they emphasize.

What he loved most was the theater

He appeared in only one full-length feature film – “Akademia Pana Kleksa” from 1983, in which he played the character of Rybak. He was more often involved in dubbing, for example in “Happy Moomin Days” and “Winter in the Moominvalley”. However, his greatest professional love was theater.

He played on the stage, among others: Philander in “The King in the Land of Delights” by Franciszek Zabłocki, the title Troilus in “Troilus and Cressida” by Shakespeare, Tom in “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennesia Williams, Wituś in “Skiza” by Gabriela Zapolska, Gustaw in “Dom na Twardej” by Korcelli, Hajmon in “Antigone” by Sophocles. He was also the initiator of the “Recover from oblivion” project, the aim of which was to document and preserve traces of no longer existing scenes in Łódź.

Source: Gazeta

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