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Zakopane without “New Year’s Eve”.  £ukasz Golec harshly on the mayor’s decision

Zakopane without “New Year’s Eve”. £ukasz Golec harshly on the mayor’s decision

New mayor, new rules – this is how you can summarize the results of the local government elections in Zakopane. There has been a change of government in the city, and this means the end of the “New Year’s Eve of Dreams” on Równia Krupowa. Not everyone is happy about this change.

Zakopane has elected a new, non-partisan mayor in the local government elections. This is the end of the current domination of Law and Justice in the city. The new mayor, Łukasz Filipowicz, announced serious changes in this matter.

Zakopane without “New Year’s Eve” TVP

Łukasz Filipowicz defeated his rival from PiS in the local elections. One of the first announcements was the cancellation of the annual event on Równia Krupowa. “” took place in Zakopane from 2021 and was the apple of the eye of the former TVP authorities. Although residents and, increasingly, viewers also complained about the concert, TVP brought the same stars to Zakopane year after year, singing the same songs. Not everyone is happy about the lack of “New Year’s Eve Dreams”.

In an interview with Łukasz Golec, he points out that this is certainly a financial loss for the city and its inhabitants. However, the event attracts hundreds of tourists who come to the city a few days earlier and often stay even in the first days of January. Zakopane’s role will therefore be taken over by another city that will be tempted by the issue of earnings.

New Year’s Eve always attracts a lot of fans. Wherever it takes place, crowds of people have no idea for New Year’s Eve, they want to have fun and go where there is something going on. (…) There is always a problem with hotels, and people come to Zakopane in large numbers. You have to look at it like a business – you lose something, you gain something. If someone wants peace, they can come to Szklarska Poręba – suggests Łukasz Golec.

In previous years, TVP did not inform how much it cost to organize “New Year’s Eve of Dreams”. The event is free for participating guests. In recent years, the fun was sponsored by state-owned companies – e.g. PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna. In 2021, Business Insider estimated the costs of organizing a New Year’s Eve evening at up to PLN 10 million.

The new mayor explains his attitude towards “New Year’s Eve”

However, the new mayor of the city does not say categorically “no” to any event. However, he indicates that it will not be the famous “New Year’s Eve Dreams”, which was the apple of Jacek Kurski’s magnum opus:

The image of Zakopane needs to be changed. There will be no Leszek Dorula rule in Zakopane, there is no Jacek Kurski on TVP, so there will be no “New Year’s Eve”. However, I am in favor of having an event. I remember perfectly well the times when shop windows on Krupówki were covered with boards for safety reasons. We need to think about a smaller-scale event that promotes the region, he said shortly after the elections.

Source: Gazeta

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