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“Millionaires”.  Mr. Krzysztof didn’t stop until he came across a question about a Ukrainian word.  A rare decision

“Millionaires”. Mr. Krzysztof didn’t stop until he came across a question about a Ukrainian word. A rare decision

Another episode of “Millionaires” is behind us. This time, Mr. Krzysztof joined the game and answered subsequent questions without any major problems. Until he came across this expression in Ukrainian.

“” in the spring edition they have already spoiled both players and viewers. Since March, two people have won the main prize, which has never happened in Poland before. This fact, however, means that the remaining players will most likely not reach the million mark. However, they can get away with larger sums if they are as careful as Mr. Krzysztof.

“Millionaires”. Mr. Krzysztof does not take any risks and gives up when asked about the Ukrainian expression

When starting the game in Tuesday’s episode, Mr. Krzysztof already had a guaranteed one thousand zlotys in his account. He quickly increased this sum to 40,000 by answering the question “which of Homer’s rivers flowed around Troy.” The teacher used one of the lifebuoys as a precaution, but marked the correct answer: it was, of course, Scamander.

The question for PLN 75,000 did not cause him too many problems either. The preposition among the words: shelf, basket, counter, cash register was “lada”, which, as the player commented, could be “quite a challenge”. A question worth PLN 125,000 could end the participant’s game. It read:

Who wasn’t in the supergroup Traveling Willburys?

  • A. Bob Dylan
  • B. Roy Orbison
  • C. Elvis Presley
  • D.George Harrison

Fortunately, he had a rarely used lifeline to switch the question (the correct answer was C. Elvis Presley). He took a risk with the above question (Which of these countries has had a merchant navy since 1941: A. Vatican, B. Liechtenstein, C. Switzerland, D. Andorra) – although his brother-in-law bet on a different answer, the player listened to his own thoughts and marked – correct! – Switzerland.

A question worth PLN 250,000 would also defeat many people.

Characteristic of the Indianapolis 500 car race is that the winner receives a bottle:

  • A. champagne
  • B. milk
  • C. cranberry juice
  • D. soda water

Mr. Krzysztof knew the correct answer and did not hesitate too long before marking it. It was about milk.

“Millionaires”. Half a million question about a Ukrainian expression

Finally, the game ended – on the participant’s own terms. The question worth half a million zlotys was:

Which name sounds like the expression “to the mouth” in Ukrainian?

  • A. Dobromir
  • B. Dorian
  • C. Dominica
  • D. Dorota

Mr. Krzysztof, who had previously played with more courage and flair, now felt the importance of the money he had managed to win. He did not take a risk, honestly answered that he did not know the correct answer and, to Hubert Urbański’s surprise, withdrew from further play. Meanwhile, the correct answer was D. Dorotabecause “rot” means mouth in Ukrainian and Belarusian, as the host explained.

Source: Gazeta

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