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A shocking announcement of a dark Netflix thriller.  “He does it out of hatred towards women”

A shocking announcement of a dark Netflix thriller. “He does it out of hatred towards women”

A preview of the latest Netflix thriller has appeared online. “Colors of Evil: Red” is based on a novel by Ma³gorzata Oliwia-Sobczak. The trailer will be of interest to fans of crime stories.

Netflix has just announced big plans for 2024. In the coming months, the platform will feature crime films, comedies, dramas, documentaries, sports programs, action films and those perfect for the whole family. The new releases will feature a galaxy of the biggest Polish stars.

“Colors of Evil: Red”. There is a trailer for the new Netflix movie

One of the titles that will soon be released on the popular platform is the production “Colors of Evil: Red” directed by Adrian Panek. It is a dark thriller based on the book by Małgorzata Oliwia-Sobczak. Marta Korycka from Kultura wrote in her review of the novel: “It’s a crime story with an interesting plot, skillfully combining the events of the 1990s and those taking place several years later. A book with a full-blooded main character, written in a ‘sound’ (really good sentence rhythm) and with ‘tastes’ about the details of the described world, relationships between characters and language that complement the work: it’s great entertainment.” It’s no wonder that the book was adapted into a film.

In the Netflix version of the story, we will move to the Polish coast, which viewers will be able to see from a different, dark side. One of the Tri-City beaches becomes the site of a macabre discovery when the sea washes up on the shore the body of a murdered girl, Monika Bogucka (Zofia Jastrzębska). The investigation is headed by prosecutor Leopold Bilski (Jakub Gierszał), who joins forces with the victim’s mother, Helena Bogucka (Maja Ostaszewska), on the way to discovering the truth. The circumstances of the murder indicate a connection with the crime from seventeen years ago, and the solution to the mystery lies in the dark secrets hidden by Helena’s murdered daughter.

Netflix made a dark thriller based on the novel. When is the premiere of “The Color of Evil: Red”?

“Colors of Evil: Red is a suspenseful story, full of complex, sometimes confusing clues and plot twists that lead to a surprising solution. It is about the search for the truth at all costs, about evil that emerges from everyday life and a painful loss that changes everything ” – we read in the announcement of the production, which will premiere on Netflix on May 29.

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