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They organized a non-alcoholic wedding.  Everything was spoiled by the bride’s father.  “He started pouring water”

They organized a non-alcoholic wedding. Everything was spoiled by the bride’s father. “He started pouring water”

In recent years, it has become more and more common for couples to decide to organize alcohol-free weddings. What do the invited guests think about this? As you can easily guess, opinions on this subject are divided. Several people who recently participated in such events shared their experiences with us.

It is no secret that alcohol is one of the most important elements of important family events in our country. Despite this, in recent years, more and more people have decided to organize alcohol-free weddings. Ula* was a witness at the wedding of friends who chose this option. The bride’s father was most opposed to this solution. – He couldn’t understand or respect it – says Ula. As our interlocutor recalls, at some point the man disappeared from the party. After some time, he returned with… bottles of vodka and, of course, started pouring alcohol to the guests.

The bride tried to collect these bottles from the tables

While the groom had no problem with his father-in-law’s behavior, the bride was very disappointed with her father’s behavior. It turns out that even just before the party, she reminded him to remember that it would be an alcohol-free wedding. – At first, she even tried to pick up the bottles from the tables and hide them, but an unpleasant exchange of words quickly broke out. My father kept repeating that “we have a wedding without alcohol”, that the guests must drink something, that nothing happened, that these are country customs – Ula recalls.

They felt sorry that people did not respect their will

Kamila also participated in such an event last year. As he recalls, many guests did not like the idea of ​​the bride and groom. – They were not happy and many drank secretly in the toilets. Taxis kept coming, bringing them supplies. And eventually some of them got very drunk because they drank so quickly. Many of these people left the party before midnight, says our interlocutor.

– I agree that if the bride and groom do not want alcohol, we should respect that. But unfortunately, in the case of such events, such “flowers” usually come out, which is very sad. The bride and groom I talked about later openly said that if they were to organize a wedding again, they would decide to have a party with alcohol. They would simply prefer to avoid such a situation. From what I know, they were sorry that people couldn’t respect their will – sums up Kamila.

A wedding without alcohol in Poland? Andrzej Wilusz //shutterstock

“I would never mind”

Last year, Maja attended her brother’s wedding. He and his wife do not drink alcohol. That’s why they gave up alcoholic beverages during the event. This didn’t bother our interlocutor at all. She herself was having a great time. However, many other guests were disappointed. – Even though I’m not a teetotaler myself, I’ve never had anything against alcohol-free weddings. For me it’s sad that people can’t have fun without alcohol, says Maja. – I actually think that such an event can have many advantages. Young people pay less and avoid unpleasant situations that could occur after drinking. Besides, if the organizers do not want alcohol at the wedding, In my opinion, you just have to respect it – he sums up.

*The names of the characters have been changed at their request.

Source: Gazeta

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