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This episode of “I give you my word” went down in history.  The presenter had to leave the studio.  “Still funny”

This episode of “I give you my word” went down in history. The presenter had to leave the studio. “Still funny”

There are plenty of blunders in TV game shows. One of the funniest took place in the program “Daję s³owo”, which broke popularity records in the early 2000s. The presenter, Paweł Orleański, was so amused by the slogan proposed by the participant that he had to leave the studio for a moment. What happened on the vision?

“I give my word” with Paweł Orleanski as the host is one of the most popular in the history of Polish television, broadcast on TV4 in 2003-2006. Each episode gathered crowds of loyal viewers who followed with interest the fate of the participants and their struggles with often difficult slogans.

“I give you my word” was once a hit. What were the rules of the game like?

In each episode, three participants took part and had to guess the password based on a short hint. Each correctly indicated letter corresponded to the amount of PLN 100, which was transferred to the participant’s account. However, if he failed to indicate the correct word or wished to reveal a letter, which he was entitled to do, his amount was reduced. The winner was the one who managed to collect the largest sum in the shortest time. This player advanced to the final, in which he had to recognize a word consisting of 10 letters. These were often really tricky and created funny situations.

This episode of “I Give My Word” went down in history. What happened on the vision?

in this type of formats they happen all the time and seem to be inevitable. The tele.nostalgia Instagram profile recalls one of the episodes of “I Give My Word”, which undoubtedly went down in the history of Polish television. The man who made it to the final round had to guess the name of the “activity requiring strength.” However, no one probably expected such an answer.

After a moment of reflection, the participant decided to put everything on one card and indicate the word that he believed was behind this hint. “Blowjob,” he said with conviction, and there was loud laughter in the studio. “Undoubtedly, but…” Orleański tried to comment and then left the studio, unable to stop laughing. It took the man a moment to realize what a mistake he had made, and the word that guaranteed victory was “incriminating”. The post was full of comments from equally amused Internet users.

It was 50/50. Either money or fame

The girl’s reaction was the best

A man of legend

This still makes me laugh to this day

One letter and what a difference.

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