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It was the only such casting in the history of “Got Talent”.  He heard four “no” words and got a golden button

It was the only such casting in the history of “Got Talent”. He heard four “no” words and got a golden button

The history of “Got Talent” was full of surprises and shocking situations. Some of them have already become etched in the viewers’ memories. There were also some rather bizarre moments. This applies to, among others: a golden button received by one of the participants in 2014. Years later, the juror admitted that he regretted it.

It debuted as a talent show format in 2006 on American television, although it was first created by the British. Today it is (or was) known in over 60 countries around the world. The rules are immutable. In the first stage, the jurors decide whether the participant moves on. They can press the red button at any time, which was also joined by the gold button at some point.

It allows the jurors and hosts of “Got Talent” to introduce the selected participant directly to the live semi-final, thus avoiding further eliminations. In theory, they reward the performance that impressed them the most, especially since they can press the gold button a limited number of times. No wonder such moments go down in history. This performance from “Britain’s Got Talent” was memorable, however, for a slightly different reason. Which one?

A bizarre situation in “Got Talent”. He got “no” four times and a golden button

In 2014, the same year that the golden button debuted on Britain’s Got Talent, Christian Spridon took part in the qualifying rounds. The waiter from Romania seemed very confident from the very first moment. He honestly admitted that he would like to fulfill his dream, become a star and attract crowds at concerts. He also said that he came to “Got Talent” to win. On stage he presented a cover of the song “Sexbomb” by Tom Jones. And although the participant was full of energy and self-confidence, and the audience had a great time, the same cannot be said about the jurors.

The audience heard the first “no” and a characteristic buzzer after 10 seconds. Right after Alesha Dixon, Simon Cowell also pressed the red button, followed by Amanda Holden. But David Walliams, the last juror, had a great time while the others died inside. In the end, Cowell himself pushed the red button on Walliams, who tried to defend him for a long time. In response… he reached for the golden button for the first time as a juror. Such a situation where a participant who heard “no” four times (although from three jurors) and still entered the semi-finals is a rarity in “Got Talent”. – Why the f*** did you do that? Cowell asked. Walliams, on the other hand, was amused. Christian was eliminated in the semi-finals, and in 2019 he tried his hand at Romanian

It was his first golden button in “Got Talent”. He later admitted that he regretted it

The performance of a waiter from Romania is regularly included in compilations of the best, funniest, strangest and funniest performances in the history of “Got Talent”. What David Walliams did in 2014 sticks with him to this day. – On the spur of the moment I just pressed the gold button. I didn’t think it through, and the decision turned out to be unpopular – a few years later he was a juror on BBC Radio 2. – I liked his performance, but I don’t think he really deserved it – he added, admitting that he regrets it today.

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