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Warsaw has an idea how to commemorate the iconic scene from “Teddy Bear” by Bareja.  You will be able to vote on the project

Warsaw has an idea how to commemorate the iconic scene from “Teddy Bear” by Bareja. You will be able to vote on the project

“The Proto-Slavic pear tree protects the plebeian fugitive in its branches” – this is one of the famous quotes from the cult comedy “Mi¶” by Stanis³aw Bareja. One of the inhabitants of Warsaw has an idea how to pay tribute to the director beloved by Poles.

“Miś” is a cult comedy by Stanisław Bareja, which viewers loved for exposing the absurdities of life in Poland. The director’s script, written together with Stanisław Tym, who plays Ryszard Ochódzki, is still entertaining to this day, and the dialogues from the film have become a permanent part of our everyday language.

Will Warsaw commemorate Bareja’s “Teddy Bear”? An interesting project was created

A large part of “Miś” was shot in Warsaw. “Everything can be looked at from two sides. There is the truth of the times we are talking about, and the truth of the screen, which says: The Proto-Slavic pear tree protects a plebeian fugitive in its branches. Make me a print of a hare on a pear tree… No, no! Replace him with a dog! Replace him with a dog. Let him bark back at his persecutors from your court. Don’t let him meow” – this is one of the quotes from the film, which was spoken in front of the cameras in the fields of PGR Bródno.

Landscape appeared not only in “Miś”. Wojciech Smarzowski, Krzysztof Kieślowski and Maciej Migas also used scenery in films. The place has become a place visited by comedy fans, and one of the capital’s inhabitants came up with an idea to mark it even more clearly on the map of Warsaw.

According to, Tomasz Wincenciak, a resident of Targówek, wants to pay tribute to Bareja. He submitted a project as part of the participatory budget, which is to commemorate the State Agricultural Farm fields, also known from the films “Clergy”, “No End” and “Live Not to Die”. The idea is simple. Tomasz Wincenciak would like to plant the ornamental pear tree mentioned in the comedy.

Pear tree to the best of our abilities

The tree is to be placed next to the bus terminus on Gilarska Street, near the trees “playing” “Teddy Bear”. If the project is selected for implementation, next to the pear tree there will be a sculpture of a cat dressed as a hare and a plaque informing that in 1979-1980 the filming of the cult comedy “Teddy Bear” was filmed on the State Agricultural Farm field. Perhaps the board will also include stills from the film and a photo of the team that shot the memorable scene.

The cost of the project is PLN 10,000, but it is worth remembering that this is an investment that can quickly pay off for the city. Places referring to pop culture are eagerly visited not only by local residents, but also by tourists. Currently, the project is being assessed by officials. If they accept the idea, it will be put to a vote by residents, who will be able to support the idea in mid-June. The reasonable price gives it a good chance of success.

Source: Gazeta

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