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Are you watering this plant?  There will be unpleasant consequences.  The yellowing of the leaves is just the beginning

Are you watering this plant? There will be unpleasant consequences. The yellowing of the leaves is just the beginning

Zamiokulkas is a plant that many people have at home. Although there are not many requirements, it sometimes happens that we make a huge mistake when it comes to care. To make it grow lush and healthy, be careful how you provide it with water. Also check what to fertilize zamioculcas.

It seems to be an ideal plant for beginner gardeners. It tolerates difficult conditions well, pests rarely attack it, and in addition it pleases the eyes with its lush green leaves. However, it may happen that they turn ugly yellow and the plant itself stops developing. What influences this? It turns out that many people repeat the standard mistake that harms zamioculcas.

Can zamioculcas be sprayed? I don’t need this at all, so stop

Many people, out of concern for healthy, lush and beautiful plants, decide to spray their potted plants. However, they do not realize that some people do not need it at all and, in addition, it can seriously harm them. This is exactly the case with Zamioculcas. As the plant occurs naturally in Africa and copes well with drought, refrain from sprinkling it. Its leaves store water very well, so there is no fear that it will dry out even if no action is taken.

Zamiokulkas photo: private archive

What will happen if you frequently spray the leaves of zamioculcas? It turns out that providing it with too much water will result in yellowing, stunted growth, rotting leaves and the lack of new ones that could please your eye. In addition, the roots may also start to rot, which is a simple way to kill the plant.

How to fertilize zamioculcas? Home remedies will ensure lush growth of leaves

Many potted plants need nitrogen to grow vigorously. However, instead of reaching for nitrogen mixtures from the garden store, choose gelatin from the kitchen cupboard. It costs pennies, but it will effectively accelerate the growth of Zamioculcas. How to make a nutritional mixture?

Mix 1 teaspoon of gelatin with 200 ml of warm water. Mix thoroughly and when it cools down, combine the liquid with 3 cups of cooled water. Water about once a month and you will quickly see the zamioculcas putting out new leaves and growing. The leaves will be greener and the roots will be nourished. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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