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“Together on the road for 15 years.”  Tickets for these concerts are selling like hot cakes.  You better hurry!

“Together on the road for 15 years.” Tickets for these concerts are selling like hot cakes. You better hurry!

Mêskie Granie celebrates its 15th anniversary. What does this mean for fans of good music? Many surprises and even more powerful sound. The festival route is at a high level – on Fridays, selected orchestras from previous years will perform, and on Saturdays, Męskie Granie Orkiestra’24 will perform. And that’s not the end of the attractions.

Tickets disappear in the blink of an eye!

Remember these dates: April 23 and April 24. On April 23 (Tuesday), the entire lineup of this year’s tour will be presented on Męskie Granie’s social media profiles, and on April 24 (Wednesday) at Ticket sales will start at 12.00 on What’s important! This will be the last pool for this year’s route. And as the experience of previous editions shows, tickets for Mêskie Granie are becoming an object of demand!

This year, the interest in concerts is even greater. Why? Mêskie Granie celebrates its 15th anniversary. It’s been 15 years of taking care of the musical tastes of Poles. The anniversary will include numerous surprises. On Fridays, selected orchestras from previous years will perform, and on Saturdays, Męskie Granie Orkiestra’24 will perform.

It also promises to be a very strong start to the event. On Saturday, June 29, a concert of this year’s MGO line-up and the 2023 Orchestra will take place in Żywiec. What do we already know about this event? This will be the biggest route opening in the history of Mêskie Granie. As many as three orchestras will play!

There’s going to be a lot going on! We are finally on tour with Mêski Granie “together for 15 years”! During the final weekend of August 23-24, the Orchestra of Orchestras is waiting for us in Warsaw, which will perform the anthems of Mêskie Granie from 2010-2024. The finale of the 15th edition of the tour will be, as befits a birthday, spectacular. Fans may be wondering about the change of location of the last concerts. The organizer has chosen a place – Fort Wola – Summer Strefa Progresji – which will allow the organization of… a much larger birthday finale of the route than before.

promotional material

A foretaste of good fun and the best music

Even though we have been on tour together for 15 years, we are still hungry for more and we are still impatiently waiting for the annual anthem of Męskie Granie. This one is scheduled to appear in May. However, we already felt a foretaste of musical emotions. On the occasion of the anniversary, the ¯ywiec brand, the sponsor of the event, has prepared numerous surprises for all fans of the project and, in addition to the obligatory annual festival anthem, it was decided to record a remake of the 1988 classic. Brodka and Igo sang “I’m thinking, ¯” – a new version of “Before it happens as if nothing had ever happened.” The song was composed and sung by Wojtek Waglewski with VOO VOO in 1988.

This is a song that appears at most rock music festivals in Poland. So it couldn’t be missed at Męskie Granie. The song has undergone many adaptations, but the version by Monika Brodka and Igor Walaszek sets the bar really high. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better announcement to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the festival. Fans may also enjoy the fact that Waglewski himself appears in the new version of the cult song!

“Together on the road for 15 years”

“Together on the road for 15 years” – the organizers of Mêskie Granie invite you to a summer concert tour. And fans of the festival really don’t need to be encouraged. After all, it has been one of the most important events on the cultural map of Poland for years. We can’t imagine summer without Męskie Granie.

This year, all the most important Polish artists will appear on the project stage – both those who have been associated with the event for years, as well as new, promising musicians. All concert dates are already known. They will start, as every year, at the end of June and last until the last days of August. It will be a good musical holiday. For your convenience, we have prepared a cheat sheet:

  • 28-29/06 – ¯ywiec – for the first time in years (!) Mêskie Granie invites you to the Pod Grojcem Amphitheater to start the route
  • 12-13/07 – Szczecin – EPSD Szczecin Aero Club
  • 19-20/07 – Gdañsk – Polsat Plus Arena
  • 26-27/07 – Poznań – Cytadela Park
  • 2-3/08 – Wrocław – Champs de Mars
  • 9-10/08 – Krakow – Aviation Museum
  • 23-24/08 – Warsaw – Fort Wola – Summer Progression Zone

Promotional material of the ¯ywiec brand, sponsor of the Mêskie Granie route.

Source: Gazeta

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