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See how the actor from “Father Mateusz” has changed.  He lost 30 kg and it’s impossible to lose!

See how the actor from “Father Mateusz” has changed. He lost 30 kg and it’s impossible to lose!

Micha³ Piela, one of the actors appearing in the cult “Father Mateusz”, lost 30 kg and delighted everyone with his metamorphosis. See what it looks like now.

“Father Mateusz” is one of the most popular Polish series of all time. Broadcast on TVP, it attracted millions of viewers across the country. This production ensured popularity and recognition for many actors. One of them is Michał Piela, who played the role of Commander Mieczysław Nocula in the series.

See what Michał Piela looks like today! The actor’s transformation is incredible

The actor had been struggling with excess weight for years. When his body started giving him signs of health problems, he decided to completely change his eating habits.

He gave up drinking energy and carbonated drinks and instead opted for fruits and vegetables. A balanced and healthy diet not only improved Piela’s health, but also allowed him to reduce his weight by… 30 kg!

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Internet users immediately noticed the difference! The compliments were endless

As soon as the first photos appeared on the actor’s profile, fans immediately noticed the difference in appearance and weight. There were many favorable comments under the posts:

What a handsome guy you are after losing weight.

Certainly, the actor’s change not only improved his appearance, as Internet users claim, but also helped him adopt a healthier lifestyle and improved Michał Piela’s health.

Soon, we will be able to watch the changed commander Mieczysław Nocula on TV screens again. The new, 30th season of “Father Mateusz” is scheduled to air this spring.

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