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The end of “Bluey”, the parents devastated even more than the children.  “I cry more than my daughter”

The end of “Bluey”, the parents devastated even more than the children. “I cry more than my daughter”

The last half-hour episode of “Bluey”, a phenomenal cartoon for children, has arrived on Disney Plus. The adventures of the blue dog have been followed by families all over the world, although after the last episode it is clear who empathized more with the adventures of the friendly Bluey. This is not the fairy tale’s target group at all.

“I wasn’t emotionally prepared for it”, “Why am I crying at all?! It’s late, so I watched “The Board” without my daughter. They perfectly reflected Bluey’s dad’s emotions”, “Funny for children, and very true for parents” – these are not comments at the end of an adult drama or romance. These are the reactions of parents who, with or without their children, watched the finale of “Bluey”, a three-season animation for children, available on Disney Plus. The last episode has already appeared on the platform.

The last episode of “Bluey” is a tearjerker – for parents

“Bluey” is an exception in the galaxy of popular cartoons for children. Although “Kicia Kocia” and “Paw Patrol” reign supreme in children’s imaginations, “Bluey” has the advantage that although it is still a product for children, parents also find a hidden layer for themselves here. It was no different in the last, extremely long episode.

The ending of the story about Bluey, her sister Bingo, and her parents was predictable to some extent if one watched the earlier nine-minute episodes carefully. The main character’s father gets a job in another city, which means having to move. Bluey’s house is up for sale. In the season finale, viewers are treated to a culmination of emotions associated with this milestone in the lives of everyone who has ever moved – both adults and children, but for different reasons.

And it’s no wonder that the audience-parents react particularly strongly here. The episode titled “The Board” very skillfully conveyed all the fears that accompany every adult who has to make life-changing decisions. Is he sure of what he has decided? How will this situation affect the children and the relationship? Doesn’t it make everyone miserable? Does he really have to do this? Does a better life really mean a higher salary? Even though it’s just a cartoon, dad and mom Bluey and Bingo can make adults feel emotional with a slight flick of their tail, as can be seen in numerous parent groups bringing together Bluey fans:

My husband and I had tears in our eyes.

That an ordinary cartoon can have such an impact! Thanks to the creators for this gift!

I feel like I love Bluey more than my five-year-old daughter…

I’m a grown woman and I cried like a beaver. I’m so happy for them, and it’s just a cartoon!

For children or adults? “Why not both?”

The dominance of “Paw Patrol” is probably unthreatened, but parents are worth reminding that there are also other options available on various streaming platforms – more valuable than the repeated “problem – Rider and the dogs – the end of the problem” pattern. The exceptionally bright stars, apart from “Bluey” for the younger ones, undoubtedly include “Hilda” and “Wodogrzmoty Małe” for the slightly older ones. You can also look for inspiration in the lists of Annie Award winners in the “best television program for children” category – the nominations themselves can help you choose an animation that will not be standard pulp for the youngest. Very often we get a product that is also intended for adults.

Will “Bluey” return?

Although the episode “Blackboard” was the last in the third season of the cartoon, the creators have not yet ended Bluey’s adventures for good. For now, according to official reports, viewers will be facing a longer break. The return of the entire Heeler family in the cinema version is possible, as several people associated with the production have announced.

This isn’t the end, Bluey. We still have plenty of surprises for viewers! – said producer Sam Moor in an interview with the BBC. – We would like to make a movie about Bluey – said Daley Pearson, the showrunner of the cartoon.

Viewers have no choice but to be patient.

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