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A tragedy occurred on the set.  One of the accused received the sentence: The maximum penalty

A tragedy occurred on the set. One of the accused received the sentence: The maximum penalty

A tragedy occurred on the set of “Rust”. 42-year-old operator Halyna Hutchins was killed by the bullet. Although actor Alec Baldwin held the gun when it fired, Hannah Gutierrez Reed – responsible for securing the set – will also be held responsible for the woman’s death.

In October 2021, the world received tragic reports from the set of Joel Souza’s film “Rust”. While filming one of the scenes, actor Alec Baldwin held a gun in his hand and it fired. The artist hit the director, whose bullet only grazed him. Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer, was much less lucky. The woman died after being taken to hospital.

A tragedy occurred on the set of “Rust”. The verdict was passed in the case of Hannah Gutierrez Reed

Baldwin was charged with manslaughter. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was responsible for supplying weapons on the set, also faced similar accusations. She was responsible for ensuring that the weapons available to the actors included only blank cartridges.

Alec Baldwin explained that the gun went off spontaneously and pleaded not guilty. After collecting evidence, the prosecutor’s office published a report which showed that the star lied during his testimony. Kari Morrissey additionally testified that Baldwin (who served as the film’s creative producer) behaved reprehensibly on the set, which contributed to a tense atmosphere on the set. It could have caused the armorer’s inattentiveness.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, in the court’s opinion, deserved the maximum sentence

“Mr. Baldwin on the set of “Rust” was a man who has absolutely no control over his emotions and is completely unconcerned about the impact it has on everyone around him. Witnesses testified that this behavior forced some kind of compromise when it comes to safety on set,” she claimed.

Baldwin’s trial will begin on July 10. Today, however, we know the verdict in the case of the second defendant – Hannah Gutierrez Reed. In early March, the woman responsible for gun safety on the set of “Rust” was found guilty of manslaughter. However, at that time it was not proven that she had given false testimony.

On April 15, the verdict was passed and Reed was sentenced to the maximum penalty – 18 months’ imprisonment. According to NBC News, before announcing the verdict, the judge accused the woman of lack of remorse. He emphasized that her lawyer had to speak for her about her remorse and regret. At the hearing, however, Reed couldn’t hold back her tears. In her speech, she asked the court for parole and assured that she deeply regretted the fate of Hutchins and her loved ones.

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