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At Pepco, “dream” shoes for PLN 60!  They will lengthen your legs and add a twist to any styling.  Similar at CCC, CA

At Pepco, “dream” shoes for PLN 60! They will lengthen your legs and add a twist to any styling. Similar at CCC, CA

I have been looking for such shoes for several seasons! I finally found them at Pepco for PLN 60. They look really stylish and add a touch of elegance to any styling. What’s more, it’s in them that my legs “reach the sky”!

When looking for the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe, we often focus on a combination of comfort and style. Is it possible to find shoes that will not only complement any styling, but also give it a unique character? It turns out that the answer is yes – just visit Pepco, where for only PLN 60 you can now find shoes that will become the real dream of every fashion enthusiast.

Wedge shoes from Pepco Instagram: @pepcopl

Worth checking:

Perfect shoes for spring and summer? You don’t have to spend a fortune to look amazing!

Women’s flip-flops from the Sugarfree collection will be the perfect finishing touch to various styles. Their open toes and bold heel make the shoes look elegant and stylish at the same time. It is in these small details that their extraordinary charm lies. Additionally, the outer material imitating jeans gives them a unique character that will make every woman stand out from the crowd. Their unique design was created for people who like to play with fashion and experiment with their style.

One of the biggest advantages of these flip-flops is their ability to lengthen your legs and add a twist to any outfit. However, you don’t have to wear very high heels to optically lengthen your legs. In stores such as CCC, C&A, as well as eobuwie, I found suggestions for women who do not like too high heels.



All you need is a light heel to achieve this effect while remaining comfortable and comfortable to wear all day long.

Chic, elegance and… comfort! You won’t pass by these shoes indifferently

Just look at the divine shoes I managed to find in these popular stores. The elegance and unique character of these models, as well as their ability to lengthen the legs, make them an irreplaceable element of the spring and summer wardrobe.

Thanks to them, every woman can feel special and aware of her unique style. So, if you are looking for shoes that will add some spice to your summer styling, be sure to consider my suggestions!

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