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These plants on your balcony may cause you problems.  The housing cooperative is already rubbing its hands

These plants on your balcony may cause you problems. The housing cooperative is already rubbing its hands

Having a balcony is a great addition for apartment dwellers. You can sit there and relax, but also enjoy a little bit of the garden. Many people grow flowers there, but as it turns out, not every species can be grown on the balcony.

If you want to have a space decorated with flowers on your balcony, you’d better think twice. It turns out that some plant species are not suitable for growing outside the garden, and you may get into trouble with the law. Why?

What flowers on the balcony? Some of them may expose you to trouble from your neighbors

Activities that make the lives of other neighbors difficult and unpleasant are prohibited on balconies. Among other things, you are not allowed to barbecue or party after 10 p.m. However, not everyone knows that you should not plant certain plants.

Flowers for the balcony, illustration photo iStock/Juergen Schott

Some plant species can be troublesome. They attract insects such as bees, smell too strongly or litter, which may be a nuisance for neighbors. You should avoid ivy-leaved geraniums, anthuriums, begonias, African daisies and fuchsias, among others. because these species are considered extraordinary “garbage collectors”. In many communities, it is also prohibited to plant plants that are strong allergens, such as ragweed and mugwort. Before you decide to plant flowers on the balcony, read the apartment building’s regulations to make sure you won’t be fined.

Can you get a fine for flowers on the balcony? If they litter a neighbor’s space, we may be punished

Littering your neighbor’s balcony may result in a fine. He talks about it.

Whoever displays or hangs heavy objects without due caution, throws them, pours liquids, throws away waste, or causes such objects to fall or spill liquids, shall be subject to a fine of up to PLN 500 or a reprimand.

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