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Tenerife, Los Angeles, Spain – see where Polish stars and celebrities live

Tenerife, Los Angeles, Spain – see where Polish stars and celebrities live

It is not only sunny beaches or picturesque landscapes that attract Polish stars to buy real estate abroad. Often, it is the search for peace, new experiences and the desire to live close to nature that determine their choices. Here are some of the most interesting places in the world that Polish celebrities chose as their new homes.

Robert Gawliński – Greece

Robert Gawliński, leader of the Wilki band, found his happiness in the Greek Peloponnese. After years on the music scene, the artist decided to do something completely different – olive cultivation. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated his decisions to move and change his life priorities. Today, Gawliński enjoys every day in his Greek house, which he also offers for rent, sharing a piece of his paradise with others.

Robert Gawliński Robert Gawliński, Photo. Łukasz Głowala / Agencja

Joanna Krupa and Edyta Górniak – Los Angeles

Joanna Krupa, a famous Polish-American model and actress, has been living in Los Angeles for many years, where she raises her daughter with her husband Douglas Nunes. Thanks to living in the capital of entertainment, Krupa can be really close to his industry. In turn, Edyta Górniak, one of the icons of Polish music, who has recently become popular largely due to her statements, also chose Los Angeles. The singer first rented and then bought a villa there.

Doda and Beata Kozidrak – Marbella

Marbella, the pearl of the Spanish Costa del Sol, attracts many enthusiasts of the Mediterranean climate, including Doda and Beata Kozidrak. For Kozidrak, even though she doesn’t go there as often as she would like, this place has a special meaning. Unfortunately, last year she had big problems with her house because of people who use Spanish law to occupy other people’s houses.

Beata KozidrakBeata Kozidrak Beata Kozidrak,

Kayah – Rio de Janeiro

Kayah decided to live in exotic Rio de Janeiro. Her decision to buy an apartment in Brazil was dictated not only by the beautiful views, but also by the local culture, which is lively and diverse. Kayah often emphasizes that Brazil managed to steal her heart not only with its music, but also with its extraordinary atmosphere.

Kazik Staszewski – Tenerife

Kazik Staszewski, the distinctive leader of the Kult band, decided to live on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. The purchase of an apartment on this popular island was not accidental – as he himself recalls in his autobiography, this investment is comparable to the prices of Warsaw apartments, which makes it affordable.

Kazik StaszewskiKazik Staszewski Kazik Staszewski. Photo Albert Zawada / Agencja

Patrycja Markowska – Barcelona area

The daughter of the legendary Grzegorz Markowski also found her place under the Spanish sun. Spain, with its warm climate and beautiful beaches, turned out to be an ideal place not only for rest, but also for creative work.. Patrycja also appreciates the space that allows her to organize recording sessions with her band.

Source: Gazeta

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