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This is how you spend more money and you don’t even know it.  How do stores encourage us to shop?

This is how you spend more money and you don’t even know it. How do stores encourage us to shop?

Does it happen that you have no intention of buying something, and then you go into the store and buy both that and more? It is likely that you have been tempted by a marketing trick that you are not even aware of. What techniques do stores use on us? Why do we like buying clothes?

Shopping for clothes seems to be a completely natural activity, and during the process we rarely have any suspicions that someone is using a number of marketing tricks on us. However, it turns out that a few inconspicuous things can influence our behavior and the decisions we make when shopping. Which ones are worth paying attention to? Have you noticed this before?

Simple tricks to increase sales that we are unaware of. Have you been inspired by music?

First of all, it is worth taking into account the words we hear when entering a given store. According to , already in 1986, researcher Julie Baker pointed out that appropriate music can influence our behavior and decisions. What exactly works? It’s both volume, tempo and rhythm. Loud and fast music in stores often makes us buy something before we think about it carefully. We take more and only when we get home we realize that we spent money on something we don’t really need. Some chains also prefer slow music, which relaxes us and makes us move slower and spend more time in the store, browsing the assortment.

Attention, sale! We buy more because we think it is profitable

Stores also encourage us with sales and eye-catching red banners. When we see them, we immediately wonder if what we need is cheaper now. As a result, we often go to the store and instead of one thing, we buy several more, ultimately spending a lot of money. Additionally, it sometimes happens that we buy items in the same store that are not covered by the promotion. The situation is similar with “1+1” promotions. We think it’s profitable for us, but in fact we buy more and drive sales.

Sale Sale, Photo Sebastian Rzepiel / Agencja

Select while standing in line at the cash register. Inviting shelves with small things

You have probably noticed that when you are standing in line at the checkout, there are shelves with small things such as socks, perfumes, jewelry or home accessories. While waiting for our turn, we often browse through them and add them to our purchases. It’s also a way for networks to encourage us to spend even more money.

In addition, the general arrangement of assortment in a store is usually not a matter of chance. When we go inside, we are initially tempted by those that are the most expensive, prettiest and “on top”. We have them at eye level to encourage purchase. Cheaper products or those on promotion are often placed higher or lower so that they do not attract our attention as much as more expensive items.

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