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Thick jeans are a thing of the past.  An airy substitute at Aldi for PLN 35.  Also in Kik and Born2be

Thick jeans are a thing of the past. An airy substitute at Aldi for PLN 35. Also in Kik and Born2be

The hot weather is coming, so you can hang up your thick jeans or corduroys in the wardrobe. However, at Aldi you will find a breathable and more comfortable replacement for PLN 35. It is a comfortable model that suits many styles. You can find similar models that look beautiful on the body at Kik and Born2be.

You can put the thick pants back in the closet. At Aldi you can buy their replacement for warmer days for only PLN 34. Jeggings are a really great choice for summer and spring. They match many styles and slim the legs, and are very comfortable. You can find models similar to those in Aldi at Kik and Born2be at great prices.

You can get jeggings from Aldi at a great price. They cost only PLN 34.99 and match everything

jeggings screenshot from aldi

You can get very comfortable jeggings in several colors at a really great price at Aldi. You can buy them for only PLN 34.99 and they will fit any figure. You will get them in a wide range of sizes. Jeggings are a more comfortable substitute for trousers, and they are perfect for spring and summer. Thanks to the high waist, they hide the belly.

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You can buy comfortable jeggings at Kik. You will only pay PLN 30 for them

jeggingsjeggings screenshot from kik

You can also find comfortable and very elastic jeggings at Kik. They are available in two colors and are perfect for many occasions. They fit nicely on the body and mask the belly and sides. Jeggings are made of a thin material and are a more comfortable alternative to many pants. They are suitable for everyday use, as well as for work or school.

At Born2be you can buy jeggings that look like pants. They beautifully slim the figure

jeggingsjeggings screenshot from born2be

The last proposition are jeggings that look very similar to jeans. However, they are thinner and much more comfortable. The trousers beautifully slim the figure and now you can buy them 50% cheaper. You can get jeggings in several colors, but black ones look great.

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