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They begin to break through from the gardens into the houses.  No spraying or chemicals.  You will get rid of them differently

They begin to break through from the gardens into the houses. No spraying or chemicals. You will get rid of them differently

Spring is the time when the wingless blacksmith appears in parks, forests, gardens, but also enters the house. Is it a threat to humans? Check what role it plays and whether you need to take action to get rid of it.

The wingless nuthatch is one of the most commonly associated reds. The bug is common in Poland. It is about 1.5 cm long and has a characteristic red and black pattern on its abdomen. It also has long, black antennae and three-segmented, dark legs, proportional to the size of the rest of the body. It is colloquially called the tramman because during copulation two individuals touch each other with their abdomens and look like connected tram wagons. Although it has wings, which belies the insect’s name, they are poorly developed and the wingless blacksmith does not have the ability to fly.

Wingless blacksmith. Is there anything to fear?

Although its appearance may be considered disturbing, the wingless blacksmith does not pose a threat to . In addition, it is quite a useful insect. Why? It feeds on fruits that fall to the ground and dead insects, and thus cleanses the ground of remains. It also sucks juice from linden and black locust fruit. Sometimes it also eats chestnut fruit and mallow. For this reason, it is not necessary to combat it, although some people may feel anxious when seeing many of these insects – they often appear in groups. Wingless nuthatches do not attack or bite humans.

How to get rid of a wingless blacksmith from your house? You don’t have to do this, but there is one solution

It may happen that wingless blacksmiths enter our house through open doors and windows. If there are a lot of them and the smell they give off bothers you (they scare away predators, but it is not always noticeable by people), you can try a way to get rid of them from your apartment. However, be careful and think carefully whether it is really necessary. What should you do?

Wingless blacksmith Photo Karolina Sikorska / Agencja

You may be very surprised here, because as wingless nuthatches are not dangerous to humans, there are no sprays to combat these insects. There are no home remedies that would get rid of these insects. So what can you do? Just put on your gloves, pick them up one at a time and put them in the box. Then take the insects outside and release them into the wild so that they can continue to live. If you notice that wingless nuthatches have sat on a garden bench or wall and it bothers you a lot, you can wash them off with a strong stream of water, but this is not necessary. Insects won’t hurt you.

Source: Gazeta

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