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They checked Julia Roberts’ ancestry.  Shocking.  “I’m not Roberts?!”

They checked Julia Roberts’ ancestry. Shocking. “I’m not Roberts?!”

Julia Roberts took part in the PBS program “Finding your roots”. Together with the viewers, she traced her family tree and discovered something she had no idea about. She should have a completely different name.

was invited to the program “Finding your roots” on the American station PBS. Until now, the actress was convinced that her pedigree was quite well documented – she managed to find official certificates from the mid-19th century. However, the host of the show had surprising information for her.

Julia Roberts should have a different name

The “Finding your roots” program is a show in which American celebrities learn what influence their ancestors had on shaping US history. Not only historical documents found in parishes and offices are examined, but also DNA traces. The experts’ findings are confronted with the knowledge of those interested – celebrities tell family stories and bring their own documents and notes. Sometimes there are surprising twists and turns.

One of the last guests on the show was Julia Roberts. Experts managed to trace her past back to 1860, when her great-great-grandfather died. Or at least the actress’s family believed until now that the then-deceased man named “Roberts” was actually her great-great-grandfather. The problem is that he died long before his son was born, who passed on the Roberts name to subsequent generations. “Biological traces” led the program’s experts to a man named Mitchell.

Wait, I’m not Roberts?! We are Mitchells?! Julia Roberts asked in shock.

You are Julia Mitchell, the host confirmed. – You have no biological connection to the Roberts family.

What’s more, Mr. Mitchell became involved with the actress’s great-great-grandmother, but that didn’t stop him from having his own family. He did not give his successors from the relationship a surname on the side, he is not listed in any official documents, he was “caught” thanks to DNA tests. The program managed to establish that he had another wife and a whole bunch of children. It is not known how this news from over 150 years ago will affect the current life of Julia Roberts and whether she will decide to change her surname to Mitchell.

The genealogy program is extremely popular among American viewers. Edward Norton learned that his very, very distant ancestors included: a certain Pocahontas (probably not the one you think about). Sarah Jessica Parker’s ancestor was burned at the stake in Salem as a witch. Jim Parsons (Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory”) has a French sculptor among his ancestors, and Ben Affleck – a slave trader.

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