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Rammstein accused again.  If it weren’t for the band’s fans, it wouldn’t have happened

Rammstein accused again. If it weren’t for the band’s fans, it wouldn’t have happened

The Rammstein group will appear in court again in connection with the song “Deutschland” released in 2019. The musicians were accused of plagiarism.

In the music industry, plagiarism lawsuits are commonplace. Even one of the most popular rock bands in history – Led Zeppelin – was accused of their biggest hit – “Stairway to Heaven”. In turn, in 2023, a lawsuit was brought to a court in New Orleans in which a musician known as Angelslang accused members of The Rolling Stones of unlawfully using his compositions in their song “Living in a Ghost Town” from 2020.

Rammstein accused of plagiarism

Members have also been struggling with similar problems since 2020. The German group released their seventeenth album five years ago, including the song “Deutschland”. It was the first single promoting the album long awaited by fans.

The clip for the song, which referred to German history, including the part of it that its inhabitants would prefer to forget, caused considerable controversy. In the music video we see, among other things, band members wearing striped prison uniforms and other references to the Holocaust. The piece also turned out to be problematic in terms of its composition.

The French band filed another lawsuit against Rammstein

The French group Ninja Cyborg accused Rammstein of plagiarism. The musicians claimed that the stars stole riffs and melodies from the song “The Sunny Road”, which was released a year before the premiere of the Rammstein single. The team lost the case, but after five years it appealed to the court in Paris.

In the latest document, the members of Ninja Cyborg referred to the analysis of expert Richard Dubugnon, who confirms the similarity of both works. He even claims that “without a doubt” there was plagiarism. The first hearing regarding the lawsuit will take place on September 10, 2024.

Interestingly, it was not Ninja Cyborg who started the battle with Rammstein. Similarities between the songs were found by fans of the German band, who accused the authors of “The Sunny Road” of plagiarism. Although the French’s song has an earlier release date, Rammstein fans maintain that their idols’ album was produced long before its premiere. “I don’t like Rammstein and I don’t listen to this group. I created this riff. I knew perfectly well that I didn’t plagiarize them,” said Marc Botté from Ninja Cyborg, quoted by the Interia portal a few years ago.

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