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TVP terminated the contract with Aleksander Sikorą.  He was the face of the station from the times of “good change”

TVP terminated the contract with Aleksander Sikorą. He was the face of the station from the times of “good change”

One of the most distinguished TVP presenters from the times of the “good change” said goodbye to the public broadcaster. TVP terminated the contract with Aleksander Sikora, who confirmed this information. The presenter also revealed that he already has new professional plans for the future.

Aleksander Sikora was one of the presenters whose career soared with the advent of the so-called good change. Before his debut in “Pytanie na breakfast”, which took place in 2016, the presenter worked at the VIVA Polska station and other music channels, and was also a reporter for Plotek. After gaining recognition, he began to be involved in other TVP projects, and in 2019 he became one of the hosts of the breakfast program.

Aleksandra Sikora started at VIVA. A few years later he was one of the faces of the national media

The 33-year-old host was the host of many concerts and events, such as: the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in 2019, “New Year’s Eve of Dreams with Dwójka” and “Dwójka’s Holiday Tour”. – TVP is the mainstay of Polishness – he was to say during one of the concerts. He also hosted the third edition of “Dance Dance Dance” and was one of the hosts of “The Voice of Poland” and “Szansa na success”. .

As reported by the portal, the public broadcaster terminated the cooperation agreement with him on March 31, 2024. The presenter confirmed this information in an interview with the website, but does not want to reveal his future plans. – I have new professional plans, but I don’t want to mention them yet because I don’t want to jinx it – said Aleksander Sikora.

Sikora was not the only one left without a job. All presenters disappeared from the air

The new head of “Pytania na ¶niadania”, Kinga Dobrzyńska, decided to end cooperation with all hosts who hosted the breakfast show during the “good change”. So far, most of them do not boast about their new place of employment.

At the moment, we know that Izabella Krzan became the host of “Pobudki” in the online Channel Zero, and Anna Popek made her debut on TV Republika last week, where she hosted the Easter series. She will soon become the hostess of a new breakfast room at the station presenting the so-called real Polish news.

Source: Gazeta

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