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£ukasz from “M jak mi¶ć” suddenly disappeared from the screen.  Nobody knew he was sick

£ukasz from “M jak mi¶ć” suddenly disappeared from the screen. Nobody knew he was sick

Franciszek Przybylski played the role of Łukasz in “M jak miłość” for 6 years, and then he disappeared from the screen for good. He gave up acting due to health problems, the consequences of which continue to haunt him to this day.

Franciszek Przybylski played the role of Łukasz from “M jak miłość”, the son of Marta and Norbert, for six years. He appeared on the set of the series for the first time when he was only 7 years old and, as he mentioned on Instagram a few months ago, he enjoyed working as an actor very much. “From the age of 7 to 13, “M jak miłość” accompanied me every day. Being in front of the camera, but also in the spotlight, gave me great pleasure,” we read in the post.

He was a child star of “M jak miłość”. Later he faced a serious illness

It quickly turned out that the fame that accompanies an actor’s work also has its dark side: “Other children envied me or said that I thought I was better than them because I played in the series. I didn’t think so. But because they and their parents often thought so and they said this, I myself started to believe that this was true. I felt guilty that someone felt and thought that they were ‘worse’ than me.”

Memories from his youth had a negative impact on the psyche of the growing actor, who felt overwhelmed by the reality around him. After almost 6 years on the set of “M jak miłość”, Franciszek Przybylski left the series and then started therapy, thanks to which it is easier for him to function today. “Because of this, I repressed something that shaped me and was a huge part of my childhood. Years of therapy and treatment allow me to say out loud: ‘My desire to be great does not mean my desire to be better than you’,” we read in the post.

Franciszek Przybylski has given up acting, but he is still involved in film production. He works as a camera operator and assistant director of photography. He also does not appear at industry events, but is actively involved in social media. A few months ago, he informed Internet users about recently completed projects, including work on the series “Wielka Woda” and the film “Doppelganger. Doppelganger”. In both productions, Przybylski acted as director and camera operator.

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