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Sanah started a band.  The Grabowski sisters presented the first song

Sanah started a band. The Grabowski sisters presented the first song

Sanah made another surprise for her fans – she founded a band. But not just any guy, the group consists of three… Sanah. The Grabowski sisters create subsequent incarnations of the popular artist – Zuzana, Irena and Cecylia.

is one of the most popular Polish singers of the young generation. She was the first Pole to sell out the National Stadium with a solo concert. Listeners love her style and expressive personality, and the artist never ceases to surprise her admirers.

Sanah joined the team. These are the Grabowski Sisters

At the end of February, a mysterious fan page called “Grabowski Sisters” was created online, where Sanah fueled the listeners’ curiosity and posted more mysterious photos that revealed little. The day before the start of the artist’s Fairytale Tour, Sanah solved the mystery. As her fans guessed, the artist joined… the band.

“We are singing, sisters, and Sanah is singing, maybe you know her? Thank you, dear friend Sanah, for having fun with us while writing such a crazy song. And the music stands from you for the trumpeter and the trombone player are a miracle. They liked them too and the video came out nice. Great for us, sisters. bomb and fun,” we read in the last post on the website.

The Grabowski sisters presented their debut single. “The whole room is singing!” Will it be a hit?

In the photo promoting the debut single of the Grabowski Sisters – “The whole room sings!” we see three versions of Sanah – Zuzanna, Irenka and Cecilia. The photo and clip revealed that the artist’s new project is actually a celebration of several incarnations that she decided to combine.

Fans are delighted with the idol’s idea. “I can’t help but admire how talented the Grabowski Sisters are”, “I knew they had to be cloned. You can never have enough of such a good thing”, “The girls have potential, they will be talked about” – we read in the comments under the clip.

Source: Gazeta

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