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Do you like Netflix?  Well, grab your wallet because it will raise prices.  Poland will not miss this

Do you like Netflix? Well, grab your wallet because it will raise prices. Poland will not miss this

A rich library, beloved series and hit productions. Netflix is ​​preying on users around the world and is considering price increases for the coming year. They will not spare Poland.

It’s not cheap, but it will be even more expensive. for the coming year it plans not only greater reach in terms of the number of subscriptions, but also greater profits. These are to be achieved by the simplest method – price increases.

Netflix plans to increase prices

The increases were announced by the CEO of Netflix himself, Greg Peters, in the summary of the last quarter of 2023. The director stated that Netflix has generally refrained from raising prices in recent months – unlike HBO and Disney. Now, however, when the screenwriters’ strikes in the US have ended, the pandemic has subsided, and platform users have been forced to pay extra for sharing accounts – nothing stands in the way of returning to traditional, well-known methods of increasing revenues. This is, of course, about price increases.

Greg Peters reportedly said at a meeting with shareholders late last year that the recent slight increases and cuts “have gone much better than expected.” Consumers complained, but this did not translate into a sudden wave of resignations. On the contrary – although there was no significant price increase, Netlix implemented several solutions that de facto did. He blocked the possibility of sharing accounts and began to punish those who do so. A significant number of users therefore decided to purchase their own subscriptions. , “medium” plans were also terminated. These are all indirect actions that are not direct increases, although they obviously translate into an increase in the company’s income.

Now it’s time for real increases. “We can return to our standard approach to raising prices,” Peters argued, adding that customers should be convinced to increase prices by “investing in more great films, series and games.”

Netflix. How much can prices increase in 2024?

Netflix plans to grow by 15% in the near future. compared to 7 percent last year. Experts from the UBS Securities analytical company believe that price increases could reach 15%. Although price increases have so far avoided Poland, this year there is probably no chance for it. Solutions tested in other countries will now be implemented in other markets, and Poland is one of them. This applies, for example, to subscription plans with advertising and “offering” a higher price in exchange for their absence.

Source: Gazeta

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