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Dissolve in water and spray.  Tomatoes won’t fit in your hand.  Even grandma doesn’t grow like that

Dissolve in water and spray. Tomatoes won’t fit in your hand. Even grandma doesn’t grow like that

Most of us grow tomatoes from seedlings, i.e. they sow the seeds at home and then move them to a permanent place in the garden. It is important to take care of the seedlings from the very beginning and stimulate them to grow. One conditioner will help you with this. You can make it yourself without any problems.

If you want to enjoy a healthy and abundant harvest, you should take care of your tomatoes properly. This means not only proper soil and regular watering, but also fertilization to strengthen the roots. In the case of seedlings, the best way is to sow seeds into pots in spots. Then just transplant the seedlings directly into the ground.

When to sow tomatoes? Remember this because the seedlings will not grow

It is best to sow tomatoes for seedlings in March, or at the end of February or at the beginning of April. The later you do this, the weaker the seedlings you will get, and you may even not see any fruit at all. For this reason, sowing in the second half of April is not recommended. If you don’t have enough pots, you can sow the seeds in special seedling trays.

They should be covered with a thin layer of earth. The soil must be fertile, permeable and rich in nutrients. It is best to grow tomatoes in a room where the temperature is 21-24 degrees C. After two weeks, it can be reduced to 16-20 degrees C. The first sprouts can usually be seen after a week.

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When to pick tomatoes? Make a homemade conditioner with two ingredients

Don’t forget about pruning, i.e. transplanting young seedlings into larger pots with drainage holes. Do this when you notice three true leaves. Tomatoes need fertilization to have healthy and strong roots. A good nutrient should contain 40% phosphorus, 13% nitrogen, 13% potassium and 20% sulfur. You can buy a ready-made preparation in the store or replace it with a homemade mixture. Dissolve 100 g of baker’s yeast in 10 liters of warm water and mix thoroughly. Leave for a few hours. You can water or spray the tomatoes with the resulting mixture the same day. You do not need to dilute the preparation with water. Seedlings should be transferred in the second half of May.

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