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Do you remember Wojtuś from “Foster Family”?  Today he is 28 years old and plays in hit Netflix productions

Do you remember Wojtuś from “Foster Family”? Today he is 28 years old and plays in hit Netflix productions

Although he made his debut on screen as a 10-year-old, it was only his role in “Foster Family” that opened the door to his career and the world of show business. Despite his successes, Micha³ Włodarczyk partially abandoned acting for some time to train martial arts. However, the childhood passion did not let me forget about it. What is Wojtu¶ doing today?

Michał Włodarczyk was born on September 27, 1995 in Warsaw. From childhood, he showed acting talent to the satisfaction of his parents, who did everything to enable him to develop in this direction. He attended various extracurricular activities until he finally started taking part in auditions and won his first roles.

He played Wojtek in “Foster Family”. This is not the only role for which Michał Włodarczyk became famous

He made his screen debut at the age of 10, in the tragicomic film “The Lancers Came”. He liked working on the set so much that he decided to continue this interest. This way he played in productions such as “Pensjonat pod Różą” or “Job, i.e. the last gray cell”. Although he was proud of his successes, his peers were less supportive and often teased him about the characters he played. – I got angry because the children were teasing me. When I played a poor boy, everyone thought that I really came from such a poor family. After the series “Kryminalni”, they called me “the boy from Prague”, they said I was a smartass – in “Tele Tygodnia”.

In difficult moments, the support of his parents was indispensable, as they pushed him to fulfill his dreams and did not let the malice of others demotivate him. The breakthrough in his career was the series, in which, in 2007-2009, he played the role of the Kownacki family’s adoptive son, Wojtuś. Then he appeared on screen many times, including: as Staś Malec from “Londyńscy” (available on ) or Marek in “Plebania”.

Michał Włodarczyk was an MMA fighter. He abandoned sports for acting

On September 27, 2024, Michał Włodarczyk will celebrate his 29th birthday. It must be admitted that he has changed a lot since his debut. When he was growing up, he became interested in sports, especially martial arts, which he started practicing, and intensive training for MMA competitions made him undergo a spectacular metamorphosis. He grew stronger and transformed from a slim teenager into a muscular man. He also got rid of his characteristic blond hair and grew a beard.

Although he has won several victories, his old passion has not let him forget. He was still drawn to acting and ultimately decided to pursue his future with this profession. Despite the lack of professional education, Włodarczyk regularly appears in films and series, including those on Netflix. Only recently he starred in such hits as “Keep Calm”, “Furioza”, “#BringBackAlice” and “The Saint”.

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