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New debt for US$1.3 billion approved in favor of Petroperú

New debt for US$1.3 billion approved in favor of Petroperú

Loan through the Banco de la Nación will guarantee the flow of fuel supply and payment of debts, according to the Government of Dina Boluarte.

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The Government of Dina Boluarte approved a loan with a state guarantee for US$1.5 billion so that Petroperú can continue carrying out its work and duties.

Through an extraordinary rule, Support is authorized for Petroperú derived from a loan to be given by the Banco de la Nación in order to have working capital to maintain inventory levels that guarantee the continuity of fuel supply and development of its economic activities at the national level.

According to the Minister of Energy and Mines, Rómulo Mucho, this money will be used “practically” to assume the debts carried by the state oil company and to “make it non-stop.”

Changes in the Petroperú board of directors

The debt operation is anchored to changes in the Petroperú board of directors. DU No. 004-2024 published this Tuesday, February 27, sets a period of no more than 15 business days for its temporary recomposition.

The National Fund for Financing State Business Activity – FONAFE is also empowered to participate in the selection process of the new directors of the first State company, who would enter on January 1, 2025. It must inform each member of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Petroperú, a shortlist for each director.

The DU—also signed by the Minister of Economy, José Arista—establishes measures of austerity, discipline and quality in the spending and income of Petroperú staff.


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