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“Dune 2” will be in cinemas soon.  What about “Dune 3”?  The director has spoken and talks… about the next parts!

“Dune 2” will be in cinemas soon. What about “Dune 3”? The director has spoken and talks… about the next parts!

The second part of “Dune” has not yet managed to conquer cinemas around the world, and Denis Villeneuve is already talking loudly about working on the third film. So far, he has maintained that he only plans a trilogy. However, in one of his last interviews he broke down.

Frank Herbert wrote six parts of “” over 60 years ago. His son also started working on the universe, producing more books than his father wrote. Currently, the entire “Dune” series has over twenty entries, but only the first of them has been adapted into a film.

From the very beginning, the person responsible for directing the latest film adaptation maintained that he dreamed of making three films that would correspond to two books – “Dune” and “Dune Messiah”. About the rest he kept a cautious silence. Until a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Denis Villeneuve will make a third “Dune”. What about the next ones?

Denis Villeneuve gave an extensive interview a few days ago “”. Together with Austin Butler, who plays Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in the film, they talked about the second part of the story, which has already been hailed as a hit. , who had to not only change physically, but also transform into a cruel killer in his own head. At the very end of the conversation, however, there was a question about the next film awaited by fans.

. According to unofficial information, work on the script is at an advanced stage. However, that was supposed to be the end, especially since the director is also preparing to film an adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s story “Rendezvous with Rama” and a production about Cleopatra. There was virtually no talk about the fourth part of the film at all, because no one assumed that the director, when announcing work on the trilogy, would expand it with further films. As you can see – wrongly.

When I came aboard Dune, I offered to make three films. I love “Messiah of Dune” and this part is already being made. When people ask me if I will be fed up after “Messiah”, I answer yes. This will be almost ten years of my life. It’s healthier to think that this project ends somewhere. But… Ask me again after “Dune Messiah”. We’ll see, he announced.

If it is not clearly stated “yes, I will be happy to make further parts”…

What after “Messiah of Dune”?

“Messiah of Dune” ends the story of Paul Atreides. But this does not mean the end of the Atreides line. The subsequent parts of the book only get more and more crazy, and if “Dune” stuck to the philosophical and religious framework, from “Children of Dune”, through “God Emperor”, ending with “Heretics of Dune” and “Captain House of Dune”, Frank Herbert proved that that there are no limits to his literary imagination. Suffice it to say that the mandatory elements of the state are the man-worm, other races inhabiting space and sexual obsession. Anyone who missed the story of Paul Atreides in the books should regret it, because the next parts of the hexalogy are a roller coaster ride. And the photo of Duncan Idaho appears here completely unrelated.

‘Dune’ – still from the film: Jason Momoa Warner Bros. Pictures

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