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The journalist lost a kidney in an accident, damaged his lung and liver… “Thank you for being alive, thank you for a second life”

The journalist lost a kidney in an accident, damaged his lung and liver… “Thank you for being alive, thank you for a second life”

Former TVP journalist Bartek Jakubowski had a serious accident at the beginning of February. The man was taken to hospital in a serious condition. Now he says what happened and how he feels.

At the beginning of February, Bartek Jakubowski, a former TVP sports reporter who created materials for “Teleexpress”, had an accident. A car hit the cyclist, resulting in serious injuries. The former TVP employee was taken to hospital in a serious condition – his friends appealed for blood donations, his life was in danger. Fortunately, after almost three weeks, his condition is stable enough to provide the latest information about his health.

The journalist tells what injuries he suffered in the accident

Bartek Jakubowski was hospitalized in a critical condition late in the afternoon on February 2. The first information was very disturbing – the journalist’s relatives and friends asked for help and to donate blood. It was only after almost a week that he woke up from a medically induced coma, and his appeals for help brought results.

The doctor said that a lot of blood was donated, much more than was needed, so it will also be useful to others – Jakubowski’s friends wrote on social media.

Now, after almost a month spent in the hospital, the journalist spoke out himself and wrote on Facebook what his current situation is. He has a long road to full fitness ahead of him:

Three weeks have passed since a moment that most of us know from some story. From the moment that kept me in bed and pushed you to action. From an unlucky bike ride, after which I lost a kidney and my liver, lung, diaphragm and leg were in poor condition. You have done – perhaps unknowingly – so much! You donated a lot of blood, of which there was no shortage, you wrote and called. You were. You are. Thank you! May the good that is in you remain of the highest value! You don’t realize how much power you have, what the scale of your support was! (…) Thank you, thank you for being alive. Sorry for the nerves. Thank you for a second life – wrote Bartek Jakubowski on social media.

Blood donation for a specific person in Poland

Importantly, appeals from family and friends of people who have suffered in accidents and will need blood from donors in hospitals are important. But – as always – there is a but. You can donate blood (and it is even worth doing it!), but this does not mean that it will go to the specific person for whom it is donated. The donor’s blood always goes first to the blood bank and only from there – from the common pool of a given group – to the recipient in need.

However, blood collection campaigns for a specific person are important because they help not only the injured person, but also others. Sometimes appeals from loved ones become a sudden motivation to donate blood for someone who has always been reluctant or afraid to donate blood. Even if his blood type does not match the needs of the person being collected for, the blood donated will never be wasted – it will help someone else.

Source: Gazeta

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