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He left TVP and is asking for money.  He promises: dinner for PLN 300, conversation for PLN 100

He left TVP and is asking for money. He promises: dinner for PLN 300, conversation for PLN 100

Bartłomiej Graczak has created an internet channel, which is to be launched at the beginning of March. The former TVP presenter counts on a million viewers and appeals for financial support.

In November last year, after the end of cooperation, the former presenter of “Miwała 8”, “Miwała 9” and “Miwała 20” on TVP Info created his own channel on YouTube. The premiere of “Przekanał” is scheduled for March 1, but it already contains materials about the farmers’ protest, “lies around CPK” and a short promotional film.

Bartłomiej Graczak appeals for financial support

In an interview with Wirtualne Media, Bartłomiej Graczak informed about advertising cooperation and the account created on the website. Viewers of “PRZEkanał” will be able to financially support the journalist’s initiative by paying suggested amounts ranging from PLN 10 to PLN 300. As a thank you for your donation of PLN 100, each donor will be able to count on “an individual telephone or online conversation at least once a quarter.” For a donation of PLN 200, Bartłomiej Graczak offers a “journalistic intervention”, and for a donation of PLN 300, the donor will go to a “Very nice dinner in Warsaw”.

Bartłomiej Graczak’s online channel has so far gathered 7,000 subscribers. However, the journalist hopes that the number of viewers will increase by the time of the premiere. “We expect that the premiere will take place in a week with approximately 9-10 thousand subscriptions and then it will grow exponentially… We can already see the first million views in our imagination,” he told Wirtualne Media.

At the end of last year, the Court of Appeal passed a judgment, as a result of which Telewizja Polska was obliged to broadcast an apology six times for Bartłomiej Graczak’s material. In 2018, TVP broadcast a report about the suspicious reprivatization of tenement houses, in which it was suggested that Monika Olejnik was involved. After the material was broadcast, the journalist issued a statement and then took legal action. Bartłomiej Graczak’s report on the Independence March in 2014, when he was still a reporter for Republika TV, also received great attention. The station’s staff was then attacked by nationalists. “Our team was pelted with bottles and curses, which seemed to be directed at the competition. We hid in the turret of the Poniatowski Bridge. You can see a sea of ​​red and white flags,” Graczak reported on Twitter.

Source: Gazeta

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