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“Never in my life” 20 years later!  We show what Judyta’s editorial office looks like now

“Never in my life” 20 years later! We show what Judyta’s editorial office looks like now

The heroes of many Polish films are journalists. One of such people is also Judyta, the main character of the romantic comedy “Never in Life”, the premiere of which has recently passed 20 years ago. Therefore, we took this opportunity to show how the interiors in which Judyta experienced her dilemmas and moments of happiness have changed since then. We have them ourselves because the film was shot in the building that also houses the editorial office.

Many people cannot believe that 20 years have passed since the cinema premiere of the film “Never Again”. Although in hindsight the film has not aged very well, according to many people, when you watch it again, you can feel the passage of time. This is also noticed by representatives of Generation Z, who, thanks to this film, immediately return their thoughts to their childhood years, when the production was quite fresh.

“Never in a Lifetime” was filmed in the Agora building. This is where the main character of the film worked

Judyta (Danuta Stenka) is a middle-aged woman who works in the editorial office of an unspecified magazine, where she most often answers questions from readers. Few people know, but the scenes in which the heroine stays at her place of employment were recorded in the Agora building, which also houses the editorial office.

Therefore, we took this opportunity to recall all the scenes that took place in the building at Czerska Street and compare them with the actual situation. The first one is the one in which the distracted Judyta rushes between desks and discusses with her superior (Rafał Królikowski) about an article that he does not like.

We also haven’t forgotten about the scene that takes place in the canteen. In it, the main character again banters with the editor-in-chief about her text, while choosing a meal. It is worth paying attention to the prices of dishes given by the cashier, who, incidentally, impersonated herself and still works in the “Canteen” in Agora.

The film “Never in a Lifetime” was recorded in 2003 and was released on February 13, 2004 and was seen by a total of 1.62 million viewers. According to “” from 2009 by Tadeusz Miczek, the title was the eleventh most popular Polish film in the years 1989–2008. However, despite its continued popularity, it is still not available on any streaming service.

Source: Gazeta

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