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When I saw it, I knew it was perfect!  A spring outerwear piece that I will wear for years!

When I saw it, I knew it was perfect! A spring outerwear piece that I will wear for years!

If you don’t like shopping too often or fashion experiments, choosing outerwear for spring will be quite simple. I have found my ideal and I know that I will not part with it for years.

In spring, many people choose quilted jackets. This is a very practical choice that has many advantages. However, lovers of elegance prefer something completely different. I had no doubts, I was looking for something that could be styled in different ways and would not go out of fashion.

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The quintessence of chic. This coat is an investment for years

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’ve already answered it. It’s a classic beige trench coat. Few people know that its history goes far back, to pre-war times. This means that it is completely resistant to trends. This iconic piece of clothing is not only a symbol of elegance, but also practicality and versatility. The prototype comes from the Burberry brand, but over time, more and more of them appeared on the market. As soon as I saw a classic beige trench coat with a belt, I bought it without hesitation. I chose models from premium brands.

However, we also have a really large selection available in chain stores. From maxi length models, because the jackets resemble a trench coat in style. I encourage you to stick to a classic color, because beige goes with basically everything.

Loafers and ankle boots go perfectly with this trench coat. Lords on a platform, for example, will work equally well. It is worth noting that a trench coat is not only a good setting for elegant styling. It goes equally well with jeans, sweaters or sweatshirts. In such a situation, we replace moccasins with sneakers or sneakers. In this way, we break its character a bit, creating an interesting contrast.

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