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She was fired from her job at TVP.  “We were like family.”  Now he breaks the silence

She was fired from her job at TVP. “We were like family.” Now he breaks the silence

Within 5 years, Ida Nowakowska was one of the most recognizable faces of Polish Television. The presenter could be seen in the well-known and popular morning program “Pytanie na śnidanie”. It has been known since December that the dancer will not perform in this format. Now the celebrity decided to give an interview in which she informed, among others: about your plans for the future.

Ida Nowakowska left the “Śniadaniówka” program at the end of January this year. she gave an interview to the “Jastrząb Post” portal, in which she revealed the circumstances of her departure. – The “Question for Breakfast” program was special to me thanks to the extraordinary bond with the viewers and the great crew, we were close like one big family and I think that’s why it had such great viewership – she said then.

However, this did not mean that the celebrity would disappear from the TVP schedule for good. During a conversation with the “Jastrząb Post” journalist, she explained, among other things, that she “never had a permanent contract with Telewizja Polska.” – Last year we recorded a new edition of “The Voice Kids”, which is to be broadcast from the end of February – she said.

Ida Nowakowska breaks her silence after leaving the TVP breakfast channel. “I loved these mornings”

Now the celebrity – after a month of silence – gave a short interview. The star referred to the fact that the broadcast of a popular musical talent show was just starting. – The new edition of ‘The Voice Kid’, a program recorded last year, produced by Rochstar for TVP, begins to be broadcast. I have also worked with this company before, among others: during the “Dance Dance Dance” program. It’s a great, modern production and I’m very happy to be a part of it. I invite you to watch it, it is a program for all singing and music enthusiasts – she encouraged.

When asked if she missed participating in the morning program, she replied: “I loved those wonderful mornings spent together with guests and viewers.” She also revealed that she still receives a lot of messages from fans, and people on the street stop her and ask where they can watch her. According to Nowakowska, this is binding.

I promise I won’t disappoint

– he tells “Super Express”.

Ida Nowakowska breaks the silence and talks about her plans for the future

She also announced that she is currently working on an “international project”. The presenter is now in Paris and plans to go to the United States. She claims that this is a very intense period for her in terms of work.

– Even here, I am stopped on the street by Poles who were part of our “questioning” family. These meetings inspire me a lot and motivate me to implement further projects! What is important to me is faith, family, the history of Poland and its fight for freedom and sovereignty, as well as the Polish-American alliance, supporting young talents (…) – she told a journalist of “Super Express”.

Source: Gazeta

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