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The “19.30” reporter aged while speaking.  Take a good look

The “19.30” reporter aged while speaking. Take a good look

“19.30” reporter Maciej Gąsiorowski is becoming recognizable in the main TVP news program thanks to his unusual approach to the materials he produces. This time, while speaking, he suddenly… aged.

Maciej Gąsiorowski is one of the new faces of TVP. In the main news program of Polish Television, “” covers various topics – from health, through ecology, to social problems. In one of the last editions of the program, he talked about life in retirement and how seniors try to maintain cheerfulness and presence of mind.

“7.30 p.m.” The reporter suddenly aged on the show

In the Sunday edition of “19.30” Maciej Gąsiorowski prepared material about the life of seniors. He started with the story of Mrs. Lidia Grychtołówna, a 90-year-old pianist who still gives concerts. Her example became an inspiration for others that showed how to maintain a “healthy and long life”. There were also opinions from experts, and at the very end Maciej Gąsiorowski gave three summarizing sentences. As he said them, his face began to change visibly, and a note appeared on the right side of the screen: image generated by AI.

It is said that God succeeded in everything except old age. And today, experts and doctors say one thing – take advantage of what Providence has given you, because life after 90, or even after 100, can be beautiful – he finished as an old man.

Maciej Gąsiorowski in ‘19.30’ Photo TVP VOD

Judging by the comments on the Internet about Gąsiorowski’s material, it was positively received. Viewers describe it as an “interesting procedure” and a “great” idea.

Journalism versus artificial intelligence

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the fact that artificial intelligence will change our future – including the future of journalism itself. Automated bots could write short messages, and some television stations are already checking whether a computer-generated persona will be able to conduct a news program in a similar way to a living person. The experiment was carried out by, among others, CNN News “hired “AI Kaur” – a virtual host who speaks with a robotic voice and transmits the generated text in a way that is distant from the facial expressions of a real human being.

Experts argue whether artificial intelligence is an opportunity or a threat to us. Some people claim that AI will never replace the creative human brain, which is able to spontaneously combine various facts to create a new quality – artificial intelligence is based only on the “input” it has in its resources and is not able to generate anything new. Nevertheless, in an “interview” with a robot powered by artificial intelligence that creates images, the journalist asked directly whether it considers itself a threat to humans. Ai-Da had no doubt:

I am not a threat. But some of the technologies I represent may become such a threat – replied the program controlling one of the most modern robot artists in a conversation with a British journalist.

Source: Gazeta

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