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We buy big and clean everything as we go.  A “magic” way to remove dirt?  More like a disaster

We buy big and clean everything as we go. A “magic” way to remove dirt? More like a disaster

Fighting dirt at home is a real pain for many people. It happens that we use a lot of products and methods, but the dirt still does not come off. In recent years, special sponges have become very popular, designed to magically remove even very stubborn dirt. In fact, in many cases they work miracles, but sometimes they can do more harm than good. When is it better not to use them?

We can do a lot to find ways to deal with dirt. Many people choose typical home solutions, without unnecessary, smelly chemicals. Soda, lemon juice, vinegar and salt are the products we use most often. Often they actually work, and what’s more, they are basically free – because we usually already have them at home. When these methods fail, we go to the chemical store and look for the best detergent. This is where stairs come into play, because we have a lot of them to choose from, in various prices, colors and sizes. each product is supposed to be a remedy for something different. Manufacturers promise miracles on the stick, but sometimes we spend a lot of money and the dirt doesn’t disappear. And then it falls into our hands.

“A magic sponge isn’t actually enchanted”

Magic sponges have been gaining popularity on the market for several years. Many people highly praise their action, identifying it with supernatural activity. Such a sponge, a science popularizer who is active on social media, sharing his knowledge with followers. What conclusions did he come to?

A magic sponge that is not actually enchanted, nor is it sprinkled with fairy unicorn dust, nor is it soaked in any additional chemicals. It’s just a piece of one substance. This is a foam made of melamine resin. It does not work by dissolving dirt, but by rubbing it off. It is like very fine sandpaper.

– The veins that make up this foam scrape dirt from the surface. What is important is that they do not distinguish dirt from the surface, so you have to be careful how you use such foam so as not to simply destroy something. It cannot be used to clean the body, leather, lacquered elements, upholstery or wood. All things that – logically – can simply be scratched, the scientist warned.

This sponge was recently put under the microscope (literally) by Dr. Eng. Adam Mirek, science popularizer photo: Instagram / adamxm

“My husband tried to use it to erase a marker from his daughter’s forehead. Then she was left with a scab”

There were many comments in the comments from people who knew exactly how the magic sponge works. Many of them praise this product, which they use to wash appropriate, abrasion-resistant clothes. However, not everyone commenting has nice memories related to this sponge.

You can’t wear glasses either!

– wrote a popular optometrist on the Internet.

I use it at work and the rule is: if the magic sponge doesn’t clean it, it’s over. Nothing else will do

It works great for cleaning dirt from walls!

I like. I use it. I recommend it for cleaning white soles, e.g. sneakers – they do a great job

It’s great that there was this comment at the end about possible damage to the surface. Because these sponges have been known for at least several years, but many people think that they are a “magic” solution for any dirt. Are not.

My husband once tried to use it to erase marker from his daughter’s forehead. Then she walked around with a scab.

You can’t use kitchen fronts either. Tested!

– we read among the other comments.

Source: Gazeta

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