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Polish film took cinemas by storm.  Half a million viewers watched the production in just 10 days

Polish film took cinemas by storm. Half a million viewers watched the production in just 10 days

Refreshing the classic series of films about the important Pawlak and Kargula families was a hit. A new version of a well-known story conquers cinemas. In just 10 days after its premiere, the film “Sami swoi. Popocz±tek” attracted half a million viewers.

Poles approach subsequent parts of cult productions quite carefully. Few people believed in the success of the new version of “” or “”. However, sentiment and curiosity win over fears, and productions that offer a new approach to characters and stories beloved by generations are very popular. This can be seen, among other things, in the box office charts.

“Alone Your Own. The Beginning” is conquering cinemas. Half a million viewers in 10 days

After the great success of “The Quack”, which was liked by critics and the record attendance in cinemas for “Mr. Kleks’ Academy”, it was time for the triumph of the film “Sami swoi. Popocztek”. Artur Żmijewski’s directorial feature debut is taking cinemas by storm. The film has been in cinemas for only ten days, but it has already attracted over half a million viewers and dominates the box office rankings for another weekend.

“This is a film in which everyone will find something for themselves: both those who know the history of the Pawlak and Kargula families very well, and those to whom they are complete strangers, because they will be able to start from there,” Karol Dziuba encourages people to watch. , who played the role of Władysław Kargul.

The costumes and make-up in the new “Themselves” are delightful. “No crap”

The script of the film “Sami swoi. Popocztek” was based on the book “Everyone lives as they know how” by Andrzej Mularczyk. He wrote scripts for films that became cult films. The inspiration for the trilogy and its prequel, which is currently triumphing in cinemas, were real events. The prototype of the character of Kazimierz Pawlak was Andrzej Mularczyk’s uncle.

“Everyone knew what to do. They performed their tasks as if it were pure pleasure for them. And there were great artists working here,” said Anna Dymna, who played Pecynicha. “The attention to props, costumes and make-up was amazing. Everything was authentic – no cliches. When I saw Adaś Ferency and Zbyszek Zamachowski in costumes and make-up, I immediately loved them like brothers. When I saw myself, I was also impressed. Changed, but real. And “the girls put such beautiful, authentic bonnets on my head,” added the actress.

“The fact that I wear pants like these in one scene and another in another is not accidental. It all has a reason. For example, I wear military breeches in the times after the Bolshevik war,” reveals Karol Dziuba, who also discovered several secrets of makeup. “They rejuvenated us, aged us, patinated us, tanned us like a peasant, it’s just great work. Our faces were not powdered, only painted, and it was always individually tailored. This is a very interesting thing. Someone, looking at our face, knows how “to bring something out, how to hide something. It’s extraordinary. Every morning, a thousand of these little brush strokes and suddenly you’re 20 or 30 years older,” he reported with admiration.

Source: Gazeta

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