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Holecka doesn’t have a make-up artist on Republika TV, but Patyra doesn’t complain: “I even got my own room”

Holecka doesn’t have a make-up artist on Republika TV, but Patyra doesn’t complain: “I even got my own room”

Rafa³ Patyra became the host of a new program on TV Republika. The host of “Ekspress Republika” spoke only highly of his cooperation with the station.

On February 1, TV Republika launched “Express Republika”, a program whose formula is similar to “Teleexpress”, known from Telewizja Polska. Rafał Patyra, who left the public broadcaster in December last year, became the main host of the new news service.

Rafał Patyra the main host of “Express Republika”

According to reports from Wirtualne Media, the program attracted an average of 425,000 viewers in the period from February 1 to February 21, 2024. While the first edition of the website was watched by over half a million people, the highest viewership was achieved by the episode on February 6, which attracted 582,000 viewers.

“Here I was welcomed, I was even given my own room to decorate, i.e. ‘Express Republika’. Furnishing gives me a lot of fun, especially since I have a trusted group of people helping me. And you know how it is – an important program, but people are always the most important. And today I I enter the newsroom with a smile on my face, thanking God for where I ended up,” Rafał Patyra told

The first issue of “Express Republika” included a reference to the promises of the new authorities of Telewizja Polska. “At a time when some vaguely promise clean water, and others are eager to swallow water in their mouths, the ‘Express Republika’ is emerging in the media waters. Many will try to sink it, we are boldly going out into the deep and we invite everyone who loves our homeland to come on board ” – Rafał Patyra emphasized on the air.

Rafał Patyra has been working with Telewizja Polska since 2016. In December 2023, “Teleexpress”, run by the journalist, disappeared from the air. TVP Sport, where he ran, among other things, Sport Telegram, did not extend his contract. Previously, Patyra was associated with TVN and Telewizja Puls.

Source: Gazeta

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