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Put away the cardigans.  This covering pierced them.  Up to 69% cheaper at Monnari.  Also in Mohito and Born2be

Put away the cardigans. This covering pierced them. Up to 69% cheaper at Monnari. Also in Mohito and Born2be

You can put the cardigans in the closet. Now there is another cover that you can buy at Monnari for up to 69%. Comfortable, adding class and slimming the waist. Goes with everything. The most fashionable women wear them. Also on promotion at Mohito and Born2be. Don’t wait and check out the promotions.

Now we don’t wear sweaters or cardigans anymore. Time for jackets and jackets. Ladies have started choosing these elegant covers again and it must be admitted that they look phenomenal in them. Now you can buy a fashionable jacket in a beautiful color at Monnari for 69% cheaper. Similar promotions at Mohito and Born2be.

I found a beautiful viscose jacket at Monnari. Now you can buy it up to 69% cheaper

viscose jacket screenshot from monnari

A beautiful jacket in a fashionable pink color is on sale at Monnari. You can buy it 67% cheaper. A jacket will liven up many styles and brighten your complexion. Paired with white or black shirts will create a perfect set for work or important occasions. You can also wear it with regular T-shirts, instead of cardigans or sweatshirts.

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An extremely elegant jacket at Mohito up to 70% cheaper. Its color is stunning

mohito jacketmohito jacket screenshot from mohito

A beautiful double-breasted jacket is also on sale at Mohito. The store announces that there are only a few pieces left, so don’t waste your time. This is a real bargain, the jacket not only delights with its color, but thanks to its cut it slims the waist and hides the belly. It will give you a lot of elegance and class.

At Born2be you can also buy a beautiful jacket on sale. A free cut and color that will make you shine

Good buy. Fits many styles

Very nice material, the jacket fits well

beautiful color jacketbeautiful color jacket screenshot from born2be

The last top fashionable jacket from Born2be. The ladies are delighted with it. Its price is really tempting, and you can buy it in various colors. Made of nice material, it fits perfectly on the body.

Blazers are now the most fashionable clothes for spring. They add a fashionable look and elegance, and above all, they match everything. Fashion bloggers even wear them with sweaters.

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