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In “Got Talent” she heard that she was a “finished product”.  She returned to the stage only after a decade

In “Got Talent” she heard that she was a “finished product”. She returned to the stage only after a decade

Ka¶ka Sochacka is currently one of the hottest names in the Polish music industry. After the release of her debut album, she began to rapidly conquer the charts, and she received subsequent awards time and time again. Gaining recognition, however, did not come easy for her. She started in a popular talent show and although she made a sensation, her original songs saw the light of day only a decade later.

Kaśka Sochacka was born on April 15, 1990 in the village of Pradła in Silesia. has accompanied her since childhood. Her father plays the guitar and trumpet, and her mother led the “Ziemia Kroczycka” Song and Dance Ensemble, in which she took her first steps on stage with her three siblings. – As the youngest in my family, I grew up in this world and drew inspiration from everything. The older I got, the more I realized that music was what I wanted to do professionally. Everyone at home always believed in me very much and supported me strongly – she said in an interview for .

Kaśka Sochacka dreamed of being a priest. Later she became a revelation of the 3rd edition of “Got Talent”

However, before this happened, Kaśka wanted to stay… . She came up with this idea at the age of 5 during Holy Mass, because she was delighted that the priest was standing on the pulpit, singing, and everyone was looking at him with admiration. When her mother explained to her that it was impossible, she was devastated, but she quickly realized that singers do the same, so she soon changed her dreams about her future profession. After graduating from high school, however, she did not immediately follow her heart. First, she began studying at the University of Economics in Krakow and at the same time began working on developing her vocal skills.

The first breakthrough on her path to becoming a music star was in 2010, when she decided to take part in the casting for the 3rd edition of the program. To say she did great would be an understatement. She received a standing ovation for her performance, and the jurors were delighted. – You came so modest, so absolutely inconspicuous and you simply did something that I can only congratulate you on – Agnieszka Chyliñska. – For me, you are a finished product, you are amazing – echoed the equally enchanted Małgorzata Foremniak. Needless to say, she moved on to the next stage and eventually made it all the way to the finals.

The popular program brought Kaśka Sochacka a contract with the studio. Why didn’t she release the album immediately?

Even though many predicted a spectacular career for her, after the talent show she was not heard from for some time. It was only in 2013 that she remembered herself, releasing two original songs, ” Czasu Nasze” and “Drzazga”. Then she performed in a benefit for Dariusz Domański at the Ludowy Theater in Krakow alongside artists such as Zbigniew Wodecki, Barbara Krafftówna and Franciszek Pieczka, which only confirmed her belief that this was the path she wanted to follow. The 7th edition was supposed to be her next ticket to the world of show business. And everything looked like it would finally work out this time. During the auditions, her original song caught the attention of Paweł Jóźwicki, who was responsible for the success of Myslovitz and Brodka. When it was certain that she had made it to the next stage of the program, he contacted her with a promising proposition. – He got my number and called me and asked me to send song proposals for the second stage directly to him. I did it – she said in an interview with .

Although she ended her participation in another music show during the semi-finals, she gained much more because she received a contract with the Jazzboy label. However, three years passed before she shared the first results of her work in the studio. Why? – It would seem that the path from signing the papers to releasing the album would be easy. This was not the case in my case – she said in the same interview, adding that at that time there were a lot of problems in her life that were difficult for her to deal with, so she had no head to create. – Jazzboy didn’t push me, my emails went unanswered, and any attempts I made to make songs fell apart. I had a lot of doubts whether I was suitable for all this, she admitted honestly. During this time, she took up various activities, but always returned to music. Finally, she decided to put everything on one card and began to achieve her first, small, but significant successes.

She released an album and received two Fryderyk awards to start with. Today, Kaśka Sochacka continues to surprise

It started in 2017 with the release of the song “Trochę tu pusto”, which quickly won the hearts of listeners, and 2 years after the premiere, it was used in a Polsat series, which only increased its popularity. She also constantly worked on her debut material and gradually discovered new cards. – This road was extremely winding and had many turning points – she said. This is no surprise, because Kaśka is a complete artist. She not only sings, but also writes and composes lyrics herself, and everything is accompanied by the desire to strive for perfection. – At the beginning, I had a lot of such fears, but I had the courage to show this most sensitive part of me. (…) Today I see how powerful these songs are, how much they mean to some people, and I think I’m no longer afraid – she admitted directly on Onet.

In 2019, her EP “Cherries” was released, and the title track quickly took over the charts. However, the real breakthrough came only in 2021, when her first studio album “Ciche Dzień” was finally released on the recording market, which sold hundreds of thousands of copies, taking 28th place in the annual ranking. – In hindsight, I see that it took me 7 years. If they weren’t there, these songs wouldn’t exist, she said confidently in an interview with Vogue. Her music aroused interest not only among listeners, because in the same year the song “Jeszcze” was used by TVN in the opening credits of the series “Tajemnica zawodowa”. Shortly afterwards, Kaśka was honored with the O!Lśnienie award, which she donated entirely to help Ukraine, as well as two Fryderyk awards.

After 8 months, she treated her fans to another musical feast, this time releasing the second mini-album in her career, “Ministry”. She promoted it with hits such as “I’m afraid of you” in a duet with Vito Bambino, which went platinum, or “Niebo jest Różowe”, which achieved double platinum status. After a temporary break from studio work, during which she focused on concerts and live meetings with fans, she started working on her second full-length album. Despite this, she continues to fuel interest by releasing moving songs again and again, such as “For me it’s over”, which she recorded together with Kortez, or “Całkiem Nowa Bajka”, created together with other artists as part of the promotion of the film “Mr. Kleks’ Academy”. ” directed by Maciej Kawulski.

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