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Wellman did not immediately like Procopius.  “He seemed bloated.”  Now they are like “lovebirds”

Wellman did not immediately like Procopius. “He seemed bloated.” Now they are like “lovebirds”

There is no other duo like Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop on Polish television. They host a morning program on TVN together, and in private they are friends. However, before they fell in love with each other, the presenter did not have a very good opinion of her younger colleague. She talked about her ideas about him with disarming honesty in the latest interview.

and Marcin Prokop create one of the most popular and best-loved duos in the history of Polish television. They started their cooperation in 2002 on TVP2, hosting, among others, “A question for breakfast”, and later also an entertaining series “Travels with a joke”. In 2007, they ended their cooperation with the station, but they did not disappear from the screens for long, because they made their debut in the same role in “Dzień Dobry TVN”, in which you can still watch their conversations together.

Wellman recalls the beginnings of his acquaintance with Prokop. She didn’t like him

Before Wellman and Prokop stole the audience’s hearts, there was no indication that they would find an understanding. Some time ago, she revealed on a breakfast show that her younger colleague did not initially make a good impression on her and she avoided him at all. – He was such a cock, all the ladies were his. Such an erotomaniac, a storyteller – , adding that it was she who taught him professional journalism. She decided to talk more about her feelings in the “Gwiazda Sołtysika” podcast, recalling that she saw Prokop for the first time in the “Gala” editorial office. – I thought he was a pompous ass, walking like that and chasing all these girls. I thought to myself that another guy like that – .

Everything changed when one day they accidentally bumped into each other on their way to the toilet. It was then that they managed to talk, and she realized that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, because Prokop turned out to be the perfect companion for discussions on all sorts of topics. – We saw that we had a lot in common – she added. However, the idea of ​​creating a duet together on TV did not come immediately and, what’s more, it didn’t come from them. So how did their on-screen collaboration come about?

Wellman and Prokop formed a duo on the show. What is the key to their successful cooperation?

Shortly after the first meeting, Prokop also started working at Telewizja Polska, thanks to which he had more opportunities to talk to his older colleague. During one of the fierce discussions, they caught the attention of the then head of the station. She immediately knew that she had to use the chemistry between them, and her plan turned out to be a hit. – We were talking glued to the wall, we had a lot to say to each other, and the “tsarina” Nina Terentiew was just heading to the toilet. As she walked by, she looked at us and our involvement and said, “That’s a good idea.” The next day we were on the air – Wellman recalled her debut in .

Although there is a 16-year difference between the journalists, their professional relationship quickly spilled over into their private lives and today they are also friends. Moreover, she often emphasizes that the only thing that separates them is height, age and gender, because they have everything else in common. They are guided by similar values ​​in life, have similar views and a sense of humor. Even though they spend a lot of time together on set, nothing has ever brought them apart yet. They always try to express their opinions politely and seek compromises. – We don’t have such crises, but we also take care of the hygiene of breakups. We don’t do everything together, we are not lovebirds, so this return, when we meet in the program, for example, is great – commented the journalist, revealing the recipe for a successful friendship.

Source: Gazeta

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