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He created the hit “I Want to Know What Love Is”.  He hid the diagnosis from his fans

He created the hit “I Want to Know What Love Is”. He hid the diagnosis from his fans

The leader of the band Foreigner, Mike Jones, confessed that he is struggling with an incurable disease. The guitarist and singer heard the diagnosis several years ago, but only now has he decided to tell the world about it.

Mike Jones delivered sad news to fans. The 79-year-old musician stated that he has been struggling with Parkinson’s disease for several years, which makes it difficult for him to return to the stage. The guitarist and vocalist last performed with the band Foreigner in 2022.

Mike Jones talks about an incurable disease

“My fans are well aware that I haven’t performed with the band on stage for some time. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I want to let you know that I feel fine. However, I always liked to give my all when I performed on stage, but unfortunately it is too difficult for me. I am still associated with Foreigner in the background and will still be present… Parkinson’s is a daily fight. It is important to persevere and remind about a wonderful musical career,” the musician said.

Mike Jones formed the group Foreigner with Ian McDonald in 1976. In the 1980s, the band achieved commercial success mainly in the United States and Canada, but their music also became popular around the world. The group sold a total of 80 million records. Foreigner’s biggest hits include: “Waiting For A Girl Like You”, “Feels Like The First Time” and “I Want To Know What Love Is”. The last song has been played 334 million times on YouTube.

In 2005, Lou Gramm, who had been a member of the band since its formation, left the group. “Mick’s choice to continue after there were no original members except him is his option. I don’t really understand it…” he later said in an interview.

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