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“Grandma said that a leaking faucet meant money was leaking. But when she saw the purse on the ground, that’s what happened.”

“Grandma said that a leaking faucet meant money was leaking. But when she saw the purse on the ground, that’s what happened.”

Grandmothers are often willing to share their knowledge with their grandchildren. However, these are not only life experiences, but also various superstitions. What superstitions related to money have we heard from our grandmothers? “Close that toilet lid, because money will flow down the drain instead of our wallets,” Daria laughs. – To this day, when I buy a wallet, I only choose one that is red – admits Kasia.

For many people, grandma is not only a kitchen guru when it comes to the world’s best cucumber and tomato soup or lazy dumplings. She is also a best friend and a rock who, due to her experience, has a lot of advice and life wisdom up her sleeve. We also cannot forget about… superstitions and superstitions. Oh yes! Grandmas probably have them in every area of ​​life. Today we will recall those that concern primarily finances.

Grandma’s superstitions: “She said that a leaking faucet means money is leaving the house”

Leaking faucet at home? According to some grandmothers, this is something that should be repaired immediately, even if there is not much water dripping. – Grandma said that a leaking tap meant money wasting away from the house and attracting poverty at your own will. But when she saw the purse on the ground, that was it. She got angry and said that if we wanted the money to escape from our wallet so much, she would gladly accept it, Weronika recalls. – Even though I don’t really believe in it, it has stuck with me to this day and I never put my purse on the ground – she adds.

Yes Yes. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother has been scolding all the women in the family for putting their purses on the ground. Apart from that, as he repeats the mantra: Close the toilet lid, because money will flow into the sewage instead of our wallets.

– Daria laughs.

red wallet for good luck red wallet for good luck Photo. Robert Petrovic /

Grandmothers’ way to attract money. Wallet? “Only the one that is red in color”

As it turns out, some grandmothers believe that even the color of their wallet can influence how they attract money. One of our interlocutors admits that it is because of her grandmother that she has been carrying a red wallet in her purse for years. – My mother always had a red wallet. Later, I also heard from my grandmother that it is good if the wallet is red, because it attracts wealth and prosperity. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t work. Despite this, to this day, when buying a wallet, I only choose one that is red – admits Małgosia.

Agnieszka shared with us another superstition of her grandmother related to money. Here, however, carp scales and, fortunately, pennies play the main role:

Every year on Christmas Eve, after skinning the carp, grandma collects the scales and puts them in everyone’s wallet to bring good luck and money. He always says that when giving someone a wallet as a gift, you can’t forget to throw in a penny for good luck. This is to stop cash flowing out of the wallet and make the money stick to the wallet.

What superstitions did you hear from your grandmothers? Did they believe in such things or not at all? We are waiting for letters and comments. Write to us at: [email protected]. We will publish the most interesting ones.

Source: Gazeta

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