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Rafa³ Zawierucha says what film everyone should watch.  Poles undoubtedly know him

Rafa³ Zawierucha says what film everyone should watch. Poles undoubtedly know him

After his role in “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”, Rafa³ Zawierucha focused on Polish productions. And he considers this classic Polish film to be one of the works of culture that everyone should see in their lifetime. What production are we talking about?

was a guest of Onet Rano. In the series of so-called short shots: short question and short answer, the actor was asked what movie everyone should see. He didn’t hesitate long. He mentioned a Polish classic that has rarely appeared on TV screens lately.

Rafał Zawierucha says that everyone should see “What will you do to me if you catch me”

Zawierucha said without hesitation that the film he recommends to everyone without exception is the 1978 classic – “What will you do to me if you catch me” by Stanisław Bareja. The comedy with Krzysztof Kowalewski, Ewa Ziętek and Ewa Wiśniewska in the main roles is a hit from years ago, which once appeared regularly on Polish Television. Now he rarely appears on screen, but soon there will be an opportunity to see this production again. It will be shown on TVP at the beginning of March.

The cult comedy celebrated its 45th anniversary last year. Much of the text has gone from being a joke to everyday use – especially the story about eating breakfast for dinner and lunch for breakfast, which saves time, or about smoking, but without inhaling. And – obligatorily – about “you weren’t standing here” and “every drunkard is a thief”. The comedy aptly parodies all the vices of the Polish People’s Republic, but it does not entirely stand the test of time. Seen from today’s perspective, it presents a rather disgusting picture of a hideous, cunning director involved in an affair with a young woman. Of course, at the very end he pays the appropriate price for his abominations, but this type of comedy would undoubtedly not be made today.

It also had problems in its times. Censorship heavily interfered with the content of the film, they ordered it to be shortened, and they tried to discourage the director from promoting it in every way. The quality, subject matter, jokes were criticized… The film became the so-called “semi-film” and only a year after its completion, viewers could see it and evaluate it in their own way. That’s what they did – over 600,000 people went to see “What Will You Do If You Catch Me” in cinemas. The film quickly gained cult status and remains so to this day.

Source: Gazeta

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